My Plushie Robot. Be afraid. Be Very Afraid!

Seriously. He is definitely on the verge of being an official craft fail! HA! But he's fun anyway! I made him for The Hubbums because he loves the "BAD ROBOT!" part at the very end of Lost (and lots of other shows from the same production company, actually....) I thought it would be cute. That's what I get for trying to sew! Mind you...no machine was hurt in the making of this plushie. Why? Because I'm dreadfully afraid of sewing machines, therefore, I handstitched this fabulous little guy. That would be problem A. We don't really have time to go through the rest of the problems. Plus. I think this post is supposed to be wordless or something. But...as you know, I generally fail at that, too. It's more fun to fail sometimes. Just face it.


I told you he was a bit frightening! HA!

(With my hand in the photo you can get an idea for size. That is, unless, I have a ridiculously GIGANDO or teeny tiny minuscule hand that I've never told you about. If that were the case you would still have no idea how big the robot is. Just say'n.

Add creepy shadows to the mix for some more frightening fun!

And....just in case you haven't run to your Mommy yet.... you will now. A close up of his amazing face! HA! And...of course, those fantastic neck stitches! Oh, my goodness! Who even MADE this thing?

Oh, yeah....that was me.


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  1. LOL!! That thing is going to haunt my dreams! :)

  2. You, my friend, are HILARIOUS!!!! And this scary robot goes to show what a great sense of humor you have :)

    And your robot - yeah, he IS a bit frightening. Put him on your doorstep at Halloween and scare off the children if you don't want to give out candy heeheehee!

  3. This guy is awesome!! What a cool idea!

  4. hey thanks for the sweet comment on my blog!

  5. LOL! The mouth is the only part that was a bit scary for me. :)

  6. Oh he made me laugh! Completely adorable!

  7. I love him! I love "creepy" stuff :)

  8. Very creative. A little scary, but very creative...

  9. I can't stop giggling! That is one [long pause] one [one more long pause] robot!!

    Seriously it's cute and creepy and hilarious! "Practice makes perfect" used to annoy the you-know-what outta me but it's very true when it comes to hand stitching. So make a whole troop of 'em!

  10. Very cute - He looks loved!

  11. He's adorable. That's so funny; I've got a brand new sewing machine and it would make life so much easier if I would just use it. I prefer to sew everything by hand, as long as it takes.
    I love your little robot. I want to hug your little robot. He is made with love.


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