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Well, there it is. The Gaf 220 Instant Load camera. Unfortunately that seems to be about all I can learn about this darned little thing. It was my Father in-law's and now I have it and just think it is cute! I keep it on a shelf on display in my scrapbook room. I'm pretty sure it isn't valuable or anything. I have a small little leather case for it, but I am quite sure that the case was purchased separately. I love old cameras. Actually, I would love to find film for this one and actually use it! I just don't know where I could get the film developed anymore, and I don't have access to a lab to do it myself, so that part would be a bit tricky, but there MUST be someone who will process it!

Here is the top of the camera. That wood veneer is just way too cool! I love that! Such a sharp contrast to the shiny metallic and brightly colored compact cameras we see today.

And here is the back. Just CHECK out that LCD screen on that sucker!
Yup, folks. That right there is what we call a view finder. It's a teeny tiny whole that you stick really close to your eye so you can see through the camera to frame your shot! Show your kids. They will be shocked, amazed, and perhaps a bit confused.

So, that's my vintage thingy for today. I just think it's cool. I wish I could find both film for it and more information about it, but it seems like it isn't talked about much. I you happen to know where I could get either, I would love you for it!

Oh...and a side note...

....I was taking these pics this morning and I was in an awkward position because the shelf I took some of them on is high and so I was holding my camera up way high, which, as you know...leads to nothing but camera shake. WELL....I thought that was why several shots came out blurry, but when I looked at them more closely, I discovered that the problem was not my always shaky hands this time, but rather that the focus was on something other than the camera body! Check out these two shots! (If you click on them you can see them larger.)


Yes, I know...they look like a blurry mess, but look closer! Do you see the part of the photo that IS in focus? Seriously....even as I type this a huge smile is creeping across my face because I just think it is so cool!

Yup! Folks, that's the reflection that the lens caught while I was taking the photo. You can see 'snapshots' of my scrapbook room right in the camera lens! How STINKING cool is THAT?!

Anyway...I thought it was pretty neat.

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  1. wow it's ssoo retro..love the tin under it too!

  2. There are definitely places you can send film away to get developed still. I know that my camera store still develops regular film on request : ) I love that you have that nice memory of your father! Very cool! Stopping over from SITS!

  3. Look up york photo labs.
    I have not used them for a couple of years but they have been around a long time and do excellent work.
    They use to always have a special for a bunch of free prints if you are a new customer

  4. My newest camera (4-5 years) still has a viewfinder and I need to use it in bright light.

  5. I'll bet that 220 film was discontinued a long time ago. I can remember having one of these cameras and thought it was so cool to have one so small and so easy to load.
    Love the shots that reflect your studio.
    What I really like is the tin that the camera is sitting on!!

  6. Oh yeah - that IS a huge LCD screen on it!

    Maybe try Ebay???

  7. You have this wonderful little camera displayed so well. I just love it. I think there are places online you can send film to for processing. Have a great weekend and a great VTT!

  8. Didn't GAF make viewmaster reel
    viewers? Cool old camera! :)

  9. That's a cool old camera, and there's GOT TO be a place where you could get film and develop it. Do you have a Wolf Camera near you? I think they do that. It would be so interesting to see what kind of pics it takes. A viewfinder. Imagine that! I insist on having one on my camera. Call me old-fashioned! Love that old tin box the camera is sitting on too!
    Happy VTT!

  10. Cool camera! I posted some of mine last week! They are just too fun!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Living it up Lakewood,

  11. What a curious camera! I hope you can find a lab that will develop and sell the film!

  12. Doesn't Costco develop film? Hope you find the film to use!

  13. Great camera. They have restarted production of Polaroid film again, surely someone makes 220 film. Have you checked with a camera shop?

  14. awww... how cool is that! such a beautiful piece of history.. hang on to that!

  15. I just bought one of these at a car boot sale for a fiver! Thought it looked pretty nice andcame with the insruction manual, box, film and flashes but I cant seem to anything out about it.

  16. I had one of these cameras in the mid-70's. It's a standard fixed- focus, fixed exposure 110 instamatic camera that used Magicubes. Here is possibly the best link: http://www.collection-appareils.fr/gaf/html/gaf220.php.
    IIRC, it sold for about $20.

    FYI, 110 film (aka Pocket Instamatic) is no longer made, but new/old stock can still be found (e.g. http://www.frugalphotographer.com/cat110.htm). If your local drugstore won't take it, you can send it to Dwayne's (http://www.dwaynesphoto.com/ Actually, even if your local store takes it, they probably just ship it off to Dwayne's!)

  17. Just to expand on what Erik said, despite this camera being called 220, it definitely takes 110 film. 220 film can be found, but if you find any, don't buy it… it's about ten times larger than 110 film, no way would it fit in that little thing! :)


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