I have a slightly restored faith in humanity as a whole. (...and a WINNER!!!)

I have a story to tell you. A story that has allowed for my faith in humanity as a whole to be at least slightly restored. You see, here's the deal....I don't much like people.


Don't take it personally, or anything... it's not at all that I don't like INDIVIDUALS, it's just that humanity as a whole is pretty much a hopeless wreck! I mean, honestly! Think about it. We are self centered, mean, rude little buggers! As individuals, though.... from time to time we are able to prove that there is actually still hope. There is still a glimmer of light that shines out. This is the story of that glimmer.

Let's go back to Tuesday night.

...vworp....vworp.....vworp......(that's the sound of the Tardis taking us back to Tusday night, just in case you were wondering.)

So...The Hubbums is sick. Just a nasty bad cold or mild flu...not sure which, but does it really matter? Nope. 'Cause he is just plain sick and feels like crap. Vacuuming desperately needed to be done, 'cause we've been insanely busy and tired, and just stuff....and if you have beige carpet and two black labs and you go a full week without vacuuming...guess what?! It is not a pretty sight! So...he is usually the one who vacuums, so even though he felt like crap he felt like he should do it anyway. I wished he wouldn't, but I had just walked in from work and wasn't really thrilled with the idea of doing it myself, and I wasn't about to tackle a sick man for control of the vacuum...that would just be wrong, now wouldn't it! So, I decided to be a nice wife and let him do it (yeah.....that's my story......). Anyway...he did his office, the hall, the living room and stopped outside the bedroom and asked if I would be able to do that because (being sick, remember) he was actually exhausted. Not a problem. I had the chance to sit for a minute while he was doing the other, so I said that would be fine. He decided to run to WalMart to get a couple of things that we needed/ wanted including, perhaps, a movie from Redbox so we could just veg for the evening.

He got home and looked at me with a puzzled look after placing the bags on the floor near the pantry.

The movie.

Where was it?


So...I unpacked the bags while he went down the three floors back to the car to see if he left it in there while I looked in each bag. I found nothing.

He found nothing.

Sad. Day.

So, we hopped in the car to go BACK to Walmart in hopes that it just got left in the cart and was sitting in the cart return waiting for us to come rescue it's shiny little self.

No. Such. Luck.

I felt bad. He felt worse.

He wasn't feeling well at all, so it's not like he was himself and I told him as much.

The problem was...that, if you have ever rented from Redbox and know how it works..., they charge you by the day. It's $1 a day. That simple. If you keep it for 25 days you pay $1 a day and then they slap a nice $25 fee on you and you can keep the movie! (For a mere $50! YIKES!)

We figured this is what would happen. I had left my number with the service desk at Walmart, but let's be honest...I didn't hold my breath for that call.

WELL.....Here is the good part!!!

Yesterday we got the email!

Yup! We got the email from our Redbox account thanking us for returning the movie!


I just hope that they found it that night and got to watch it before they returned it. I mean, really...we had to pay for the night anyway, so for someone willing to return it and return it ON TIME I am MORE than happy to buy you a movie for a night!

So....whoever you are oh mysterious Redbox movie returner...THANK YOU!!!!

Honestly...I PRAYED that someone would return it. It's amazing how sometimes God is totally cool about the little stuff. Seriously...the relief that we felt after seeing that email...I can't even tell you!

Thus...my faith in humanity has been somewhat restored. Thanks Mr. Movie Returner Man (or woman...I'm just going generic here, folks!). You have done great things.

And NOW for the WINNER of my August Favorite Things Giveaway!!!!!!

Drumroll pleaase..........................


..................................................................THIS FABULOUS PERSON!!!! (Click the link to see who won! And if it isn't you...check out her stuff! It's AWESOME! Leave her some comment love, too!!!)

Leave me a comment - they subdue my necessity to take over the world.


  1. Wow... you got so lucky that the right person found that movie!!

  2. Awwwwwhh - what a great story.

    I do agree though, we are grumpy lil buggers, aren't we? What happened to all the nice people?

  3. There really are some good people in the world - I think most of them are scrappers! :)

  4. My hubby always says, It'd be a great world if it wasn't for all the people in it. Of course he's joking...I think. He usually says it after someone is an idiot on the road. Unfortunately, that's practically daily.

    ah well! Love your vintage album below. Hope my kids enjoy theirs as much.

  5. You are so lucky! With our society today it is a wonder someone didn't just keep it and feel like they were lucky. :)

  6. That's great news! It's always good to hear that there are still good people in the world.

  7. awww...sniff sniff...that right there is a touching story. I mean, they very well could have just walked off and kept the movie not realizing how much it would have cost you. I for one never knew (never stopped to look) how much they cost or that they charged so much to keep the darn thing.

  8. OHHHHHH IM SOOOOOO GLAD THEY RETURNED IT!!! and sooo excited for the winner yes she is pretty darn awesome!

  9. ROFL! Okay, this totally explains the weird congratulations comment, because I could not for the life of me figure out why someone congratulated me on winning, when I posted a card...LOL.

    And yeah, I am that person who just doesnt notice things, I totally buzzed right by the whole winner link to comment on this post about the the glimmer of hope for humanity...LOL

    Will my prize be an opportunity for a new haircolor perchance? I dont think the blonde is working for me today...ROFL


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