A New Old Purse for ME!!!! {Vintage Thingies Thursday}


Can you EVEN STAND IT? I totally can't! I am so excited about this little purchase! I mean, it was pretty expensive and all, but you know...when you just LOVE something....

Because I took the photos indoors, at night the color is a bit off, but it is a fabulous, striking turquoise color! LOVE!!!!


It is really in great shape, too. It has a small scratch on the back, but that just adds to the charm! Seriously...this is the cutest purse EVER! (At least for today.)


And now the cuteness is going to EAT YOU UP!!!! HA! Okay...so maybe that's just funny to me. Oh, well. BUT, this is the inside! Totally lined with a neat beige-ey kind of color that I love. It has a strap in there, too, but I think I like it better without the strap. It totally stays open like this because it has that sort of metally thingy in it that pops it open and then you just snap it shut. I hope some of you speak Jingle. Sometimes it's hard being me and trying to communicate with the rest of the world! LOL!

But, anyway, I am totally and completely head over heels in love with this fabulous new vintage handbag! Like, I said....a little pricey, but it just may be the best quarter I've ever spent!

Tee-hee....yup! You read that right! He wanted fifty cents for it, but I totally talked him down. I do so love a good yard sale now and then!!!!

Have a Happy Vintage Thingies Thursday!!!! For more simply awesome Vintage Thingy posts check out Colorado Lady!


  1. Very cute purse, and what a great price! I think I used to have a similar bag in navy :-)


  2. No wonder you are super excited...cute purse and what a price....a steal!

    Have a great VTT and a wonderful weekend.

  3. I can definitely see the turquoise loveliness in that last picture! My daughter would loooove it! And you paid a quarter? I think you got the deal of the VTT!

  4. And happy VTT to you too and whoa on the price! And so funny that you got a purse because I need a new purse and my first thought was - Hm, Im going to have to look around at sales for a new one :)

    Never really occured to me to get a new, new one! There are so many fabulous ones around!

  5. I am sooo jealous! Turquoise!!! My very most favorite color ON THE PLANET!

    Oh and I totally speak Jinglish.

  6. A great purse and at 50% off asking price :-) You had me laughing about the purse cuteness eating us up....I was thinking it looked like a mouth before I read it so I MUST speak Jingle!! Thanks for sharing!!

  7. Great bag, and oh, so chic!

  8. i totally understand your excitement..who wouldn't be lol!!..a delightful little handbag *!*

  9. ahhhh! I love the turquoise and a purse that *snaps* is just ta die for. Looks soft too, I covet your purse my dear.

  10. Don't ya love a bargain! I've gotten some awsome deals in the past - in fact just about everything I own is either from Goodwill, a garage sale, or a thrift store. Can't imagine buying anything at full price!

    Enjoy your purse!

  11. yes i love it! i have one similar that i got a an old lady's yard sale for $5!! it is red and i love it!!

  12. No way!! 15 cents????? You go girl!! It is a very cutie purse!

  13. Cute purse, lovely color, great price, and so funny.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Living it up at Lakewood,

  14. I remember having a purse just like that in a beautiful red - with the same inside!! Congrats on a beautiful find!!

  15. What a super cute purse! I love that color :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog SITS sista :D Happy Saturday!


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