It's Linky Day!!! And....apparently it's me chattering randomly day, too. Just say'n.

Sanuks. I love them. Mind you, I don't own any, but I've been trying to convince The Hubbums to get this particular pair for some time now. You see, we have a little problem. I think they are totally cute and would look TOTALLY fabulous on him. He, well, doesn't. The thing of it is, though....

Brad wears them.

Yup. So they MUST be cool, right? HA! No, but for reals. He does dress well and so does The Hubbums and I totally think he needs them. The BEST part is...the other day we were wandering around Patriot Place poking into a few stores after a yummy lunch at Five Guys (I {heart} Five Guys) and he stopped to LOOK AT THEM!!! This many not seem like a big thing, but you have to understand. This is not just ANY guy. This is THE HUBBUMS. The man is quite particular about his clothes, the fit, the fall, the fabric, all of it. It MUST be right. And ... I think he may be considering shoes that I have been trying to convince him would look fabulous on him for months now! It's the little things, folks. It's the little things.

Does your man wear Sanuks? Is he hot? Is he super into fashion and always looking for the perfect fit? Just curious.

ANYWAY....I'm exhausted because I stayed up too late to watch Project Runway. It was pretty good, though, so I can't complain too much.

Now, what did YOU create this week? Did you bake something fabulous? Make a great dinner? Sew up something spectacular? Piece together P..... ummm...a really cute layout or card? HA!!! Yeah, the alliteration sort of ran out. Anyway, you can link up to ANYTHING as long as it was made by YOU and preferably posted this week. Please limit your links to blogs and photo galleries - no shops, please. And don't forget to visit the other links, too! It's all about sharing the love, dudes. All about sharing the love.

AND...the Winner of the TOMBOW giveaway is Theresa at Faerie Moon Creations!!! YAY!!!


  1. I have the most unfashionable man on the planet! He wears plaid and jeans and sneakers everywhere, all the time.

  2. I must admit my husband is not a fashion maven. He does not own a tshirt that does not have a sports team name on it and only wears sneakers while at home. At work on the base, he must wear steel-toed shoes and jeans.

  3. Thanks for the comments on my work! I have been working non-stop lately between my scrapping, my business, this blog and trying to get on a design team... lots of goals to be reached!

    My husband is the EXACT same way when it comes to his clothing... He has fantastic taste but trying to pick anything up for him is a chore...hes very particular, I hope to break him down one day haha good luck on your shoe quest!

  4. Yowza - for real? That's very cool. Let me know what you need from me. As for creations, I made a wonderful new recipe last night from my friend Clarice - parmesan baked shrimp.
    Plus, I'm working on a new painting.
    Have a wonderful weekend! Theresa

  5. What am I working on? About a gazillion different ATC's for some swaps. Fun though! I hope everyone has a great weekend!

  6. i wish my man was into fashion!!! he looks great when he goes out in jeans but everyday clothing leaves much to be desired. still gorgeous tho.

  7. What I would give to get my husband's fashion on! He's such a goofball!

    Those Sanucks rock!

  8. I am sorry I can not help...I had never heard of them before...but I do have a hot husband! Enjoy your weekend and Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  9. love sanuks!! and yes! my hub wears them...and yes he is hot!! :) he's not super into fashion though...has a really chill style.

    i made a really good pineapple coconut smoothie this week and am in the process of baking a plum galette! YUM!

    hope you're having a good weekend :)

  10. Hi jingle!
    thanks for entering my giveaway- you won the 6 FQ!!!!!!
    please send me your mail address and ill send them right to you
    thanks! and congrats!!!


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