A View From the Window - A Skipping Stones Design Card


There, it's Monday. I thought I should wake you up. Seeing as I'm half asleep, I figured others probably are, too. Just say'n.

This weekend was not too bad...you know, no trips to the hospital or ANYTHING! HA! I'm trying to think of something amusing about it to share, but really, unless a trip trip to BJ's for groceries is funny....yeah, I got nothin'.

There was the part where The Hubbums and I were discussing the fact that nobody every ACTUALLY perceives reality. That's a fun one. You see, human eyes only see reflections of light bouncing off of matter and such. Theoretically, we could each be perceiving these things entirely differently from one another, but due to the fact that we have defined things using language, we have a universal means by which to interact with our surroundings even if we are perceiving things differently. Also, this means that nobody ACTUALLY sees reality, only reflections, perceptions, of sorts. Sorta makes ya wonder, huh?

That leads me to the card that I created using some of my super cute Skipping Stones Design stamps and some good old fashioned vellum!


The images are actually stamped on the back of the vellum and then I swiped some white paint gently behind them to give the illusion of an outdoor scene, perhaps in early evening as the sky begins to turn to night.

ssd32 close

I coated the outside of the vellum windows with a Liquid Glass glaze to give them the glass-like look. The entire window frame is raised to give the card dimension and also, to allow light to seep in behind the windows. I was half tempted to build a light into the card! HA! (I did that on a layout once, actually. Just say'n.)

SSD32 Side

The simplicity of the string tied around the bottom of the window allows the view to be the focal point of the card. It's sort of peaceful. At least I think so.

Also, an another entirely different note: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOMMY!!!!!!!! (Yup, it's my Mom's birthday and she usually reads my blog, so hopefully she will see this! YAY!!!)


  1. Exquisitely crafted. So beautiful!

  2. love the way you used the sketch! Beautiful!

  3. Now that is a cool card.
    Indepth convo's you and your hubby have. Mine and I talk about what we are going to eat for supper and whats on TV LOL. JK.

  4. JIngle, that card is just amazing. You're such an artist. I always love seeing what you've come up with.

    Happy Birthday, Jingle's mom!


  5. You did a great job with the card. I love the natural look to it - it's very serene. And happy birthday to your mom - I hope she has a great day! Theresa

  6. This is SO creative, awesome!!

  7. Happy Birthday to your momma!

    Adorable card - love the vellum! Craftastic!

  8. Beautiful card -- Happy Birthday 2 your Mom!

  9. First, happy birthday to your mommy!

    I adore that card...and the philosophy that started it all. (Hah - I've tried the light-behind as well! It didn't work out so well as I couldn't figure out the cords...but that's another story.

    Truly, if we all could just step back - for just a moment - and realize that what we think and what we see may be different than what we think and what we see...could you only IMAGINE what we could then think and see!

    Tee hee...

    (Still keeping up with you but falling behind on my comments...just wanted to let you know I'm still out here!)

  10. Happy Birthday JingleMom! Now look away so i can ask your daughter what she and her Hubbums were ingesting to cause such a surreal conversation! Y'all are crazy!!

    Your card creation is exquisite!

  11. Jingle,
    Love this card and hope your Mom had a Happy Birthday!

  12. Ooh, the card is beautiful!
    Happy birthady to your mum - thats the uk way :O)

  13. Very Cool... Love the conversation you and your hubby had!

    Happy Happy Day to your mom! My Girl would say "Wish for Cake!"

  14. Your card and images are spectacular and Happy Birthday to your Mother...I know she has to be a wonderful mom because you her daughter have given so many JOY with your life as an artist. Imagine and Live in Peace, MARY Helen Fernandez Stewart

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