What's on YOUR Workspace Wednesday 14 July 2010

It's time for an exciting edition of what's on your workspace Wednesday!!!! Well, there is actually quite a lot on my workspace. Way too much, actually. The thing is an absolute DISASTER! HA!

Here is the productive part:

WOYWW 14 July 2010

I am currently working on some cupcake toppers and a Happy Birthday banner for a sweet little girl's first birthday party!!! This is a fun project! Her mom got her the CUTEST little pink and green lady bug onesie with a pink and green tutu!!! SO CUTE!!!! I am using the pink and green ladybug theme in the pieces. LOVING IT!!!! And I thought it was super sweet that her mom asked me to make them!!!

You can also see over on the side, there, some fun new stuff I acquired this week. I simply HAD to order the Paisley Cricut Cartridge because, well, it had a couple of cute ladybugs on it and I HAD to use them for this project! LOL! (They will be added to the banner.) You can also see a few treasures that I found outside on the ground when I went for a walk during my break yesterday. Yes, I do randomly pick up rusty old washers, bolts, and random cool looking tags when I see them. I'm a mixed media artist, for goodnesums sake! Of COURSE I pick them up! The Hubbums will even pick stuff up now and then for me now because he knows I love treasures!!! Anyway, I figure I'm accomplishing two things - cleaning up small bits of the planet because some not very nice person obviously littered these pieces AND acquiring free supplies for my art! Happiness all around! And that little cylinder box arrived in the mail yesterday with some Crystal Light samples in it. I think I was WAY more excited about the box than I was about the samples! HA!

And then there is the other side of my desk:

WOYOWW 14 July 2010 (2)

Yup. That's the disaster part. The sad thing is, I sorta cleaned up to make room to work on that stuff you saw above! YIKES! Well, at least you know I use my stuff. I'd hate to have it all nicely put away because I was never using it! LOL! Yup. That's my story and I'm stick'n to it! Just say'n.

So, what are you working on? What do you think of my recent adventures?

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  1. Wow... your desk looks worse than mine right now!

    Is that a circle cutter I spy?

  2. It's not a disaster, it's the aftermath of a good time!

  3. The banner looks like it's going to be fabulous :-) I love that you're so excited about rusty stuff - of course for mixed media all such stuff is wonderful and free!
    Anne xx

  4. I agree...my nicely put away stuff rarely gets used!! Looks like a fun project and I love ladybugs...so cute. Enjoy!! ~stephanie~

  5. I think your recent adventures are cool:-)

  6. Thanks girlfriend! I was feeling bad about my messy desk and the looks my hubby was giving me. Now I don't feel too bad, hehe. Mine is so full I had to move to the dining room table to work on the wedding invite order I finished up last night. hugs from conroe,tx!

  7. I have loved looking at this desk,great creativity!

  8. Hi
    oh wow what a very erm busy desk! lol banners looking good, have good eve, sue,x

  9. I stopped making the banners when they reached 18 & 16 - only to be told I'm expected to do each of them one when they each reach 21....

    you see you start at one and then they expect the same fun and games every time!

    but the boys don't dress in tutus now...

    excellent desks today


  10. I love this post....it's so much fun to see into another artist world and then "cough cough" realize that I'm not the only one that makes a mess...LOL!!! Since you can see my work space from outside then I have to keep things picked up but HEY it's working so far!!


  11. Heeheehee!!! I love the disaster half!! You brave girl!! I love people who TELL IT LIKE IT IS!!! :)

    Somewhat disappointed I didn't see any dolly parts on there, though. Just say'n! ;)

  12. Great post!!! So fun peeking into your work area and hearing about your "collecting" habits. Only a true arteest would appreciate the inspiration value of a crystal light box as opposed to the product...tee hee...love it!

  13. that banner looks like it's going to be great. of course! never made one, well,not with everything matching and looking so neat!! just handcut...pretty rubbish really, just as well it rained and the wind blew it down!!
    Have a great WOYWW!

  14. I'm feeling decidedly guilty that I tidied this week as I really like your's. That is one serious workspace... well done. It takes some crafting to get where you are and I like it!

  15. Can't wait to see the cupcake toppers and banner you create. I know they'll turn out great. :) Theresa

  16. Love your creative mind. Your desk looks like mine but bigger teehee.
    I wanted to make a video of my room, but it is never tidy enough lol

  17. wow, you are a busy gal.....super talented and lots going on....have a great week!

    enjoy *~*

  18. It's likeyou have two different people at your desk! I love tehcylindrical box too - aren't suppliers with fancy packaging great! The birthday banner is going to be gorgeous. I wonder hat you'll use the treasures for - I would have picked up the ticket thing too - for sure. Unsure about the metal ware tho!

  19. Def a bit of push back going on there :-)
    A x

  20. I definitely prefer the left side of the desk but the right side is much more interesting! I examine every bit of packing too! I've got a really cool box on my desk at work that's like a large single drawer, it even has a small ribbon pull to pull the drawer out.... and I know where there are two more!!

    Have a great weekend.



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