Laffy Taffy ROCKS!

No, really it does. For reals. It's become my most recent candy problem. You see, normally I cycle through my usual gummy bears, spice drops, jelly beans, and Swedish fish with the occasional seasonal gummy in there here and there (I LOVE those horrible gummy hearts around Valentine's DAY!!!!! But, alas, I digress...). However, due to some $1 off when you buy 2 coupons I may have purchased a few bars of Laffy Taffy as of late.

I might have.

I'm just say'n.

It's possible.


Yup. ALWAYS cherry. I actually am PARTICULARLY fond of the sparkly kind that have glitter sprinkles on them, but those are harder to get. I don't know why. I think it's kinda dumb. Just say'n.

So, I had a super buys weekend and, quite frankly, I feel no guilt about eating my Laffy Taffy and Diet Coke breakfast. Just say'n.

Have a good Monday...and leave a comment! They make me happy!


  1. I had pop tarts and gingerale for breakfast yesterday :)

    I have been on an ice cream kick lately - like almost every night! Yikers!!!

    Deanne :)

  2. I have not seen laffy taffy in years. sound like a breakfast of champions Enjoy!!

  3. I am a lover of Laffy Taffy - watermelon. YUM! Haven't had it in years but now thamks to you - I'm thinking I need some. ooh, and now and laters! love those too!

  4. It sunds like lots of us have
    g-r-e-a-t breakfasts!!

  5. I've never even heard of this stuff! Wait a minute, I'm already addicted to swedish fish - I don't wanna know about laffy taffy! LOL!

  6. I LOVE cherry laffy taffy!! (especially the one with the sparklies) It is hard to find though.

  7. Never had the sparkly laffy taffy.... I guess I've been deprived... newest addiction skittles... which I only tried for the first this past Halloween.... yes I guess I have been living under a rock!

  8. Nothing like a little sugar and caffeine to start the day right! Hope your Monday was a good one. :) Theresa


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