A Birthday Banner Full of CUTENESS!!!! (If I do say so, myself. Just say'n.)

No, for reals, though. It's pretty darned adorable! Seriously, folks. You know I wouldn't lie to you on a Monday morning. That's just wrong. So, here it is...

Happy Birthday Banner

Heeeeee!!!!!! And it has pink ribbon to hang from. Seriously. Isn't it SOOO cute!!!! I think it is. It was just too much fun to create! TOO MUCH FUN! I am so going to have to make more of these, but they do take some time, so maybe not right away! I have dolls to create, after all!

Birthday Banner close

Sally the Cricut got put into HIGH gear for this one, kids! HI GEAR! The pennants are actually cut from the Calligraphy cartridge, the alphabet is from A Child's Year, and the ladybugs are from Paisley! For reals. I told you she put a lot of work into this one! HA! And she didn't even FLINCH when I told her to cut 39 of both the pink AND the green ladybug layers! And that, my friends, is why I love Sally the Cricut!

Birthday Banner side shot

I created the crepe paper medallions by folding strips into a circle. I love doing that. It makes me happy. Well, the results do, anyway! HA! Oh, and of course I had to add some sparkle, so the spots on the ladybugs are fabulous glitter spots! Thank you, Martha Stewart. Just say'n.

This banner was created to go with those little cupcake toppers that I posted last week. I think it is going to be one SERIOUSLY adorable little party!!!

Well, I have an early morning date with a bag of Swedish Fish, so I'm off...

....and just because I haven't done this in like forever and then some....

Jingle Out.

HA!!!! HA!!!! HA!!!!! Seriously. That's the funniest thing EVER. *sigh* Ahhh...comedy. Good stuff. Gooooood. stuff. just say'n.

Don't forget to link up your projects on Friday's post!


  1. Love this Jingle!

    I cannot wait to see the whole thing all strung about!


  2. This is adorable.
    Of course I don't have not 1 of the cricut carts. that you mentioned.

  3. LOVE IT!!!!!!! Excited about seeing it spread out so we can see the entire effect. Ya did kiddo!!!!


  4. That is too adorable and will look so cute with those cupcake toppers! So am I to assume that you are a fan of cricut? I don't have one yet and have been wondering about investing...

  5. Love the banner!!!! The crepe is so pretty!!

  6. Oh my gosh - SUPER CUTE!!!


  7. That IS super cute! My Girl says Hiya Jingle!! -- she loves you in great part because you have a J just like her!

  8. how cute, its gonna be the best dressed party around!


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