Fabulous Friday!!! Polymer Clay Flower Pendant Tutorial and YOUR PROJECTS Linky!!!

I wanted to share this fun and simple pendant that I created with all of you! It's really not difficult at all and I LOVE the finished product! All you need is a block of Sculpey clay and a bail! Oh....and an oven. An oven definitely helps. Just say'n.

Polymer Clay Flower Pendant Step 1

After working with the clay for a bit to get it nice and soft and workable, roll several small oblong-y solids. (Yes, I know I could have said balls, but my version is more fun!)

Polymer Clay Flower Pendant Step 2

Next, squish 'em! Yup! Squish them into little petal shapes. You can pinch one side just a bit to get the desired form.

Polymer clay Flower Pendant Step 3

Layer the pinched ends together and press gently to make them all stick to each other. (Yes, I realize this is a highly technically worded tutorial. WHAT DO YOU PEOPLE WANT FROM ME! HA!)

Polymer Clay Flower Pendant Tutorial Step 4

Make some smaller oblong-y solids and squish those and add them as the next layer. Do this until you are happy with the number of petals you have on your flower.

Polymer Clay Flower Pendant Step 5

Roll ONE spherical solid (also known as a 'sphere.' Technically speaking. Just say'n.) and squish it but good to create the center of your flower. Add it to the flower. In the center. (That's the middle.) HA!

Polymer Clay Flower Pendant Step 6

Finally, add your bail and bake at 275 for about 25 minutes or so (or by the manufacturers instructions printed on the clay package).

Isn't that just SUPER CUTE and SUPER FUN? It is. I promise. NOW, it's YOUR TURN! Show us what you made this week by adding a direct link to your post below. The link should NOT be to a shop - only to blog or flickr type posts. You can post ANYTHING made by you! Baked, paper crafted, painted, mix media-ed, crocheted, knitted, quilted, pieced, sculpted, or WHATEVER! Please spread the word about my little Fabulous Friday linky party so we get lots of projects and LOTS of inspiration! (Tweet, Facebook it, blog it...whatever! Thanks!)


  1. Cute Flower. Love the colour.
    Hummm I feel so sad. I can't contribute this week as I didn't do any creating. Seriously I really am sad.
    I did crochet some more butterflies,. but thats old news LOL

  2. Neat!!!! I have some teal and lime green polymer clay that I have been dying to mess with! This might just be the kick in the pants I needed to give it a go!

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend J.


  3. Nice tutorial! I've never used polymer clay. I've only done cards this week - not really a project!

  4. Cute cute idea. J...I adore your tuts...not just that you share and show how...but your wording...LOL!!


    Wish I could share but I'm working on the mermaid and to far into her to make it into a tut. Hummm, maybe another time huh?

  5. you're too awesome! i'm always so inspired when i visit your blog! this thing is KA-YOOOOOOT!


  6. SUPER cute!!! Where do you get all these fabby ideas?! I'm amazed!

  7. awww great job!!! I made a pizza for a layout I am working on really turned out nice took forever.

  8. A great idea for a pendant, love your tutorial, thankfully I speak the same technical language that you do ;-)
    Although I had no idea what "link up on my linky" meant until I got here!
    I have added my altered art round house to your linky!
    Have a wonderful weekend :-)

  9. Jingle posted my pizza on my blog

  10. Just had to join in the fun. Here is a tut from about this time last year. Hope it's a help to some of you that like making clay dolls. Have fun!!!

  11. Jingle...now that little flower pendant is almost as cute as you :)
    So adorable and my girls would love to make one of these!

  12. Very cute! thanks for the tutorial. That will look so nice on a pretty gold chain. Have a great weekend! Theresa

  13. This is WAY fun, Jingle. Thanks and have a funny weekend!

  14. this is great, thanks for the tutorial!

  15. Adorable and easy - my kinda project!! :) Thanks!

  16. happy dance little lady!!! The flower is so simple maybe I can work with my grand daughters this week! Happy Happy Lady! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


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