Pin Cushion on a Tiny Jar CUTENESS! - Tutorial

Marmalade Pin Cushion

I love mini jam jars. I really really really really really really do. (Note the lack of commas, that's because there are no pauses in that sentence. Just say'n.)
I love 'em. I wish I could get more of them. But, alas, unless I happen to stumble upon a hotel buffet, I rarely see them. BUT, when I DO, I always get excited! You see, first of all, The Hubbums LOVES Marmalade, so I get to bring him some of that yumminess, which is always a good thing. AND THEN....I GET THE JAR!!!! And what do I do with that jar, you ask? Okay, so actually you probably aren't asking that, seeing as I already posted a photo of what I did with it, but STILL! I'm gonna tell ya, 'cause it is simply TOO MUCH FUN to keep to myself!


Marmalade Pin Cushion (2)

Ummmm...Yup! This is my Orange Marmalade jar pin cushion. Ummmm..yup. I love it. Ummm....yup...it makes me happy. Just say'n.

And, while I don't have step by step photos, I can tell you how to make one because they are SUPER easy! (And way fun. But I may have mentioned that already. I'm not sure. Just say'n.)

Step one: Acquire a tiny jam jar. (Or honey jar...sometimes they come with honey in them. I have one of those waiting for me to use at home, but I don't like honey and it still has honey in it, so I need to 'encourage,' aka: force, The Hubbums to eat all that honey. Maybe. Just say'n.)

Step Two: Cut a circle of a fabric that coordinates with the label on the jar (or not if you plan to alter the jar with your own label) a bit more than twice the size of the lid.

Step Three: Stitch a gathering stitch around the circle of fabric being sure to knot the end. Pull on the thread to gather slightly.

Step Four: Stuff a ball of batting or some kind of filling into the fabric and continue to pull the thread until it closes tightly around the batting. Secure with a knot. At this point you have a little ball of cuteness.

Step Five: Hot Glue the little ball of cuteness to the lid of the jar. Feel free to be liberal with your glue so it sticks really well.

Step Six: Add ribbon and decorative trim around the edge of the lid with hot glue.

Step Seven: Enjoy your CUTENESS!!!!! Oh, and you can fill it with coordinating buttons, beads, or other fabulousness, if you wish.

Marmalade Pin Cushion (3)

So, why are you still here? You need to go make one! Have fun! Oh...but leave a comment first so I feel good about myself. K? K. Thanks. You rock and stuff. Just say'n!

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  1. Too cute!!!! So adorable. Oh I wish I could sew, you make it look so easy. TFS. Lynne M x

  2. How cute! I am going to try to whip up some pin cushions today! Thanks for sharing.

  3. this is the reason im a faithful follower! love this cuteness!

  4. I'm not still here. I've left. As a matter of fact, I'm making myself one right now.

  5. and here I was thinking I was so weird because I ALWAYS save those little jars...
    I hope I have one that's strawberry at home, because then it can be done in patriotic colors, and then I won't feel bad for taking that little side trip into the sewing room when I should be getting the patio ready for our 4th of July BBQ.
    maybe I need fabric with ants on it, so it's like a picnic.

  6. Wow! That is super duper cute! And I feel the same way about those jars. :)


  7. I LOVE THIS!!! I love the little jars too!!! So cute!

  8. This is SUPER cute! Great job - nice happy colors! :) I hope you and the hubby have a great holiday weekend! Theresa

  9. This is a sweet idea...and I'm going to make one..my pins are all over..Thanks so much!!Warmest Regards,Cat

  10. SUPER CUTENESS!! Thanks for sharing!

  11. cute cute cute cute cute cute cute

    no commas for effect.

  12. I have some of those jars.... they have jelly in them, though. I also have some cute Heinz ketchup jars that are small like that. They look like mini bottles of ketchup.

  13. This is adorable.
    FYI You can buy teeny tiny canning jars. Then you can go wild!!!!!

  14. So. STinkin' cute. Makes me want room service.


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