Everything Happens if you Just Pretend - A Mixed Media Painting

Yup. There you have it. I said it.


Yikes! That's scary! And it is even scariER that I am about to share that with you! You see, I am a very artsy kinda girl. I'm fairly good with my hands and I have a lot of great ideas. HOWEVER...those skills ARE limited! I don't draw and I don't generally paint. I'm afraid of it and I don't really want my work to look like that of a kindergarten student. Just say'n.

BUT...after reading Life Unity and Everyday Bliss (two AMAZINGLY inspiring people!), I was left with one thought looming over me.

I must face my fears. I MUST do something that scares me.

It was that simple. So, with that, I created the following 5x7 Mixed Media Painting. The thing is...I am BEGGING you to be honest. Nice, mind you, but honest. I know I need to work on the eyes...that is for sure, but what else can I do to bump this up to the next level. I found that I really enjoyed the process (which is why I'm sharing step photos here!), but I want to be GOOD at it! LOL! SOOOooooo....that means that I'm basically asking for free lessons from my talented readers! HA! Tell me what you think! Tell me how to grow! No...for reals. Just do it. (Am I allowed to say that? Is it like copyrighted or something? Hmmm...Nike, please don't hunt me down and sue me. Thanks. It's appreciated. Just say'n.)

So....enough putting off the inevitable, here you go...

Sketch for Everything Happens...

I began with a sketch... you know, that whole drawing thing that I DON'T DO!!! HA! And then I outlined it with a fancy schmancy art tool - yup! It's totally a Sharpie! Those things make me happy. Just say'n.

Everything Happens - painting started

Then, I was totally intimidated by the layers of color and the fantastic 'thick-paint' texture that I see on others' work. I had no idea how they got that. BUT, I had to try, so I mixed a few shades and just sort of glopped them on over each other and I got exactly the look I was going for! It's not perfect, but it's still really cool and looks like maybe someone knew what they were doing for a minute or two! HA!

Everything Happens Painted

I decided on a blue toned dress and a blonder hair color. I even managed to create a skin tone I was happy with!

Creating the paper background element

To create the background I used a handmade paper (not by me) torn to bits and then layered over tissue paper where I had traced my image so I could later cut out the pieces needed for my background.

Background for Everything Happens...

This was pretty much crazy fun! Just say'n.

Everything Happens... in progress

I added the background to the canvas around the painted doll.

Everything Happens...

I then added the text and the embellishments to the piece.

Everything happens...dress

Evertying Happens Face

And here she is!!!

Everthing Happens If you Just Pretend

So, tell me what you think. Off suggestions....I'm listening! I promise!

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  1. She's beautiful! I've been wanting to do something like that! I can't believe how nice the skin looks...that part seems hard to me. The paper looks great! :)

    I'm sure you'll be making some more of these!


  2. She's beautiful! I've been wanting to do something like that! I can't believe how nice the skin looks...that part seems hard to me. The paper looks great! :)

    I'm sure you'll be making some more of these!


  3. I love her! I would totally display this in my home. She is fun and whimsical and your colors are great. Love the added textures, too.

  4. Well it seems Ms. Jingle has been hiding the fact that she is a Primitive artist. You did an outstanding job on this piece. Take it from an "old" ok ok ancient artist....I have always found that if you paint from the heart then it will never go wrong. She looks AMAZING!!!!


  5. Seriously? This is your first one? Holy schmoly girl, you have got a lot of innate talent in there.

    Really, she is so just - well, cheery! What matters most I think is how you feel about her. I find that the ones I create about which I feel best are the ones that keep silently whispering to me...regardless of what anyone else is saying.

    I adore her - open arms to the world! (Thanks for the linky love, too...always love when someone inspires me then I pass it right along!)

  6. You did a wonderful job!! She turned out beautiful!

  7. She's great! It's so hard to put yourself out there doing something you're not comfortable with or sure of, isn't it? I struggle with that every day. I'm constantly amazed at the things you take on with such freedom and joy! I guess since you asked and want to know I'd say that the black lines are a little too thick on the eyes and around the face. I'd go thinner or softer. Can't wait to see what your next project will be!

  8. Wish I could help but I know nothing about primative painting. She looks good to me. Maybe like the last comment said a little thinner lines, but what do I know!

  9. aack girl! a jane of all of trades you are now! first of all, I have no capability to judge your wonderful piece of art. 2nd of all, I think it's perfect! You did a wonderful job on the design, the paint colors, the background! And to be honest, I wouldn't have thought the lines are too thick (thanks to the untrained eye). I'd have to see it both ways I guess to see which way I like it better! hahaha --- awesome job girl!!

  10. I love how you just jumped in and did this! It really looks good, and you tried different things and made them work, even better! Her face looks a little like Modigliani, and the background adds real interest. So what are you doing next?

  11. Good for you!!! Those posts were indeed inspiring, and I admire yo so much for jumping in and giving this a go! I, too, wanted very much to learn mixed media painting. You would adore Suzi Blu's classes. She's so inspirational and offers such wonderful instructions. And you did this all on your own? AWESOME! I love the warm background colors and the quote. And the flower in her hair is too cute for words. Theresa :)

  12. This is just beautiful. I would for sure hang this in my craft studio.
    Now I am not expert in mixed media, kind of intimadates me. And honesty I don't know if I like mixed media, but I like yours.
    I even know what it is suppose to be, some I can't figure it out.

  13. You are such a sweetie mentioning my blog as inspiration! And here I was wondering if the blog was even inspirational theses days! Thank you very much!

    On to your painting!! Damn good for a non painter! LOL I do hope this isn't your last, She is terrific! Have you read Journal Bliss ... the book I mentioned last week which has me on an art journal path for the first time in my life! She gives some down and dirty face painting tips which have helped me a lot.... and let me tell you I am far less a painter, sketcher then you are... I like your wide eyed gal. She says to me, "I'm takin' it ALL in." Just as I imagine you always are... just say'n!!

  14. Thanks for your kind comment on my blog! Check back today... it's a cute one!! By the way, I am going to be doing a giveaway tomorrow, so add me to your sidebar links to get a head start!! :)

  15. WOWSERS! I totally want to paint something like this. It's very cool. I personally wouldn't change a single thing. LOVE HER.

  16. I'm impressed!!!!! Almost as good as a dolly!!! That's BIG KUDOS!

  17. She's delightful! I love the way you've done the brushstrokes on her dress!

  18. Thanks for linking up to the Mad Skills party!

  19. I missed this post (I think I was traveling) and I LOVE this piece!


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