Trying Something New: Fused Plastic Pouch

I am so excited to share this project with you today!  Mostly, because I have put off trying this technique for a long time because I was scared to death that I would destroy my iron or just screw the whole process up somehow!  LOL!  But, seriously, it is not hard at all and I LOVE that I can upcycle SO many plastics that come into our house now!!!

We do try to avoid bringing them in by using reusable bags and our lunches are packaged in waste-free containers rather than plastic baggies and such, but bread and bagels and the occasional trip to the store when you forget your reusables manage to sneak plastic in here and there and now I can feel less guilty about that because I can TOTALLY use it!!!

Fused Plastic Pouch (Back)

This is the back side of my bag, so you can see what it looks like without the embellishments on it. I used a total of six layers of plastic (3 bags) and fused them with an ordinary iron.

Fused Plastic Pouch Top (zipper)

I added a vintage zipper that I had lying around. You could totally use a zipper that you pulled off of an old piece of clothing, if you have one. I did have one, but tragedy struck and a craft fail resulted, so I had to start this little project over again and went with this zipper this time around. HA! It happens to us all at some point.


Tell me it happens to us all so I feel better, K? HA!

Fused Plastic Pouch Seem

A couple of things to know about fused plastic:

It behaves like fabric in many ways, but it has paper like qualities as well. For example, while it is flexible and easily sewn, once you put a whole in it - it's there forever and it will be visible. Also, it does require a fairly strong stitch, so if you hand sew your pouch choose your stitches wisely. This was one of the reasons I had to restart mine - my first stitch choice was far less than adequate. It has a sort of oil cloth feel to it. I think it would make an AWESOME apron or rain coat. Actually, I have some big plans for a raincoat, but I need to collect a few more of the bags that I want to use for it. Oh, well, guess I'll have to go shopping! HA!


Also, it punches much like paper, so you can use paper punches with it, which is sort of cool. I punched a scalloped circle to use as part of the embellishment portion you see here.

Fused Plastic Pouch

And there you have it! My first ever fused plastic project! And I managed to not burn the house down and our iron is still in working order...or so I hear. I only use it for the occasional project - The Hubbums uses it for clothes or something, but I don't know much about that! HA!


  1. Oh yes it does happen to all of us! Cute pouch!

  2. ROFL @ your hubbums comment. Girl, I don't know where you get all your ideas - but you never cease to amaze me.

  3. I too have seen this idea, but haven't tried it. I was surprised that you could sew on it.
    It turned out really good.

  4. If you use 8 layers or 10 is even stronger..I have mine all fused just need to attach them all.

    Looks awesome


  5. You have so many great ideas and I love the little pouch. So Cute.

  6. Glad to hear someone successfully made one of these...I was afraid to try too, but since your house is still standing, I guess I'd better be brave.

    So cute!

  7. I should have come here before I did our sit-upons for Girl Scouts:-)

  8. ok give it up JingleBaby - I have not seen this idea - send me to the right place for instructi-ohnees!!!

  9. very very cool idea. LOVE it. OMGOSH, yes mam..it happens to us ALL!!!


  10. I LOVE how the bag came out!!!! It's so pretty and I adore the flower and the owl. I'm not the greatest with irons either. I have one but it only comes out for craft projects, too! LOL :) Theresa

  11. You mean there is some other use for an iron besides crafts?

    I don't believe you.

  12. So cool that you talk about your craft fails too. Right on!

  13. Doesn't happen to me because I haven't tried it yet! But now I may have to.... my sweetie brings in way too many plastic bags for my liking and this just might save him from my strangling him with one of them!

    Need to come up with a man friendlier reusable bag... might be on to something here....

  14. I second the needing the know-how on how to make them. I have never seen this and would really love to make one! We manage to remember to use the reusable bags most of the time, but hey, we aren't perfect either :)

  15. That's gorgeous! I've wanted to experiment with fused plastic too. How did you get that cool texture on it?

  16. So, after visiting with my best friend, google, I found a tutorial from Etsy for making the fused plastic. My first attempt wasn't that stellar, but I like the other two that I managed to make before I ran out of plastic.

    Thanks for getting me hooked on a new form of crafting! I love your blog!


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