CSN Stores - CucinaPro Pasta Fresh 5 Machine Review - Check out What I Made!

Okay, so remember this post when I told you that the amazing folks over at CSN stores were going to send me the CucinaPro Pasta Fresh 5 Machine to review?

Wellllll....it's HERE!!!! And ladies and gentlemen, this thing is seriously fantastic!

Now, before you all get excited about some fresh pasta, let me set you straight. I don't cook. I suck at it. Yes, I bake, but I don't cook. SOOOOooo....I didn't get the machine to make pasta - I got it to use with CLAY!!! And let me tell you it is SO perfect for working with clay!


This is the machine with the ravioli attachment on it. (Yup! It cuts postage stamps!) Pretty, isn't it? I certainly think so! The handle is removable and you use it for the main press portion of the machine as well as for each of the cutter attachments.


These are the other two cutting attachments, one is for spaghetti sized shreds and the other for fettuccine! These are perfect for creating perfectly even strips of clay to weave or just to use as strips! So cool!


The machine is super easy to use. I simply rolled my clay into a tube and placed it over the slot. I then gently turned the handle while feeding the clay. That's all, folks! It's THAT simple to use this machine! Nothing complicated AT ALL! I love that!


You can easily adjust the size of the slot to accommodate for varying thicknesses of clay.


And, as I mentioned earlier, the ravioli attachment is PERFECT for cutting wonderful postage stamp pieces from the clay! Think of all you could do with these!!!

So....of course, I had to make a couple of fun little things with my new toy!


This fabulous little hanging banner is pressed clay that I stamped into and then coated with Lumiere paint in copper. I put the holes in the clay before baking and then added the wire after it was cured. So simple and so easy with my new CucinaPro Pasta Machine!


I created this one using the same method, only I wiped the paint off with a damp towel so that the copper would hold fast to the crevices. I love this technique! So gorgeous!

So, I have to give a HUGE thanks to CSN Stores (Can you believe they have over TWO HUNDRED stores that you can choose from? Seriously...if you want it...they've probably got it!) for allowing me the opportunity to review the CucinaPro Pasta Fresh 5 Machine! It is fantastic and I am going to get so much use out of this thing!

***Note: I was given no compensation other than the product itself in exchange for this review. I was sent the product to provide a quality, and honest review. ***



  1. Sounds like an info commercial LOL.
    Glad you like the pasta maker. I don't really care for cooking, baking oh ya not cooking. But with a family of 5 I have to throw something down their throats LOL.

  2. I don't think I would've ever thought of using a pasta maker for clay! As always, your creations are just amazing!! Great review!

  3. Well, your creations are FANTASTIC....and that company should be pretty happy about your glowing review of their product. :)

  4. LOLOL! This is too funny...Im reading down and thinking oh shes going to make pasta but Im going to comment - hey buy another and use it for clay - and damn. Now I have to say buy another and use it for pasta!

    your too funny!

  5. I've actually been thinking about buying one to make pasta, but I'll bet its much more fun in the studio! (maybe I need two?)

  6. I have a pasta machine, but I actually use it to make pasta! LOL! And pierogies!

    However, it's perfect for your clay projects! Love how they turned out. I've actually thought about getting another one for clay stuff.

  7. Clay and pasta machines go together like needle and thread...made for each other!

    I first tried pasta and clay (sounds like a new food) making Laurie Mika's mosaic tiles from her book. I use the tiles here and there on mixed media pieces.

  8. Wow, lucky you! It sounds like that pasta machine is to die for. Sounds like the perfect thing for the craft enthusiast.

  9. Very cool! You know someone contacted me about a review and I thought it was a scam! Darn. Guess I better look into them a little further! Love what you did with the pasta machine! I'm hungry now ;) hugs from Conre, Texas!

  10. Ok, so I have been really contemplating getting a pasta machine to use in the traditional way, but this post has seriously made my heart skip a beat! Something with culinary AND crafting possibilities?! Sign me up!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog to leave a comment on my bunny treat bags. I am so glad you did, so that I could stop my yours for a visit! I'm your newest follower. :)

  11. Oh wow - I really love what you created. The hanging banners you made are really stunning - I love the shade of paint you used. It's so pretty and worked well for the designs you imprinted on the pieces. You should set up shop with all the great crafts you've been making!!! :) Theresa

  12. YAY - look at you!!! I love how crafty you are. I don't cook or bake so I think you are genius!

  13. I do use mine for pasta & it is great for that too !

    Like your metallic pieces- very cool

  14. So fun! Also, you won the giveaway on my blog :)

  15. So they sent it for you to try it with clay? Or did they think you were actually going to try pasta!! Love it! -- they may have a whole new marketing campaign thanks to you!

  16. I wonder if my mom would let me use her pasta machine for crafts?


    I am lovin' this idea Jing.

  17. LOL How funny that you used it for something other than food. Very creative! Love your creations too!! =)

  18. What a cool idea! I would love to work with clay, I've never tried it, but I love love love this idea!!

    Thanks for linking to Creative Cats!!



  19. Wonderful creations!!

    You are going to have a blast!!

  20. Wow -- I love what you made with clay, but I would seriously want it to make pasta with! I really, really, really want to make my own ravioli!!

  21. I LOVE my pasta machine for my clay!!!! When you go to use the extruders let me know I really learned an awesome trick....a chaulking gun!!! Works awesome!!!
    sooo glad to see you playing with the clay it was love at first feel for me!!!


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