Okay, so it looks as though I may have a mild bunny obsession.

Just Say'n.

Burlap Bunny

So, I've been seeing burlap bunnies here and there and I just so happened to have purchased a bit of burlap the other day 'cause I want to make some other cute stuff out of it, SOOOOOO...I figured I should make a burlap bunny. BUT...I didn't want to make one just like the ones I had seen around, I wanted to make one that was a bit more....well....Jingle.

Pink tail on burlap bunny

Honestly, I don't know if I succeeded or not. Last night I didn't love it. I'll be honest. It just didn't come out quite how I had envisioned and I hate it when that happens. I love the pink loose pom-pom tail, though! That is super cute! Just say'n.

Fabric Bow on burlap bunny

I added the floppy fabric bow and I think I love that, too. Originally I hadn't planned on going girly at all, but somehow I ended up there. I think that is what is bothering me. I'm not sure, really. ANYway....even after adding her tail and her bow I wasn't totally pleased with my bunny. Soooo...this morning I painted her ears.

Painted ears of burlap bunny

I like her better now. The ears made a HUGE difference. I still don't know if I'm in love, but you know...you win some, you lose some.

I should let you know two things I learned about Burlap:

1. Did you know that ALL burlap comes with free matching thread??? Well, maybe not 'thread,' per se, but when you fray the edges you pull the pieces of twine or whatever the HECK they use to make burlap and then thread that into a needle and use it to stitch your pieces together! Genius! It matches, blends, and is pretty strong, too! YAY!!!

2. Burlap is see-through. Yeah. I know. We all knew this already, but have any of us really thought of the implications of this? Maybe you have, but I neglected to do so. My bunny has white on the BACK of her ears, too. I'll have to do something about that, but I will figure it out later.

So....that's my bunny. What do you think?

Burlap Bunny Face

Next time...I think I'll go with something more like this:

Mostly 'cause that's an awesome movie and creepy bunnies are just plain cool!

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  1. That is sooooo stinkin' cute!!!! I love it, and now I must have one! :)

  2. I love her Jingle. She is adorable.

  3. Love her! The painted ears look great. The rabbit from Donnie Darko always creeped me out! LOL

  4. Love the bunnie! She's sooooo adorable!!

  5. Your bunny is sweet...I love burlap. Maybe you can have a sweet bunny with a scary bunny friend! Thanks for the tip about the burlap thread...great idea.


  6. I think she came out pretty cute. Sometimes it does work out when it isn't exactly what you had envisioned.

  7. Love it -- you must tell us how you created it, please!

  8. Your bunny is totally cute and very Jingle!

  9. Oh my goodness...that creepy bunny pic at the end came outta nowhere! LOL.

    Love your bunny....best part? The little X in her eyes! HEEHEE!!! Little things like that make the whole product!

  10. I love that little x too :)
    Don't do that last one... way to creepy lol

  11. Your bunny came out great!!! For some reason, every time I see button eyes now I think of "Coraline." LOL But this bunny is very, very cute - I adore the ears. But please no Donnie Darko bunnies - imagine waking up and finding that in your easter basket! heeheehee Theresa

  12. I like the original bunny, not the follow-up creepy one! :)


  13. You had me at wonky button eyes. :)

  14. We have the same eyes right now. Cute!

  15. I think she is adorable! Love her ribbon and fuzzy tail.

  16. super duper cute...just be careful if you make her a mate...you could end up with BBs everywhere

  17. I think she's good- you can call her 'Bourbon' as in BURlap BUNny! I think the painted ears are good, but the bow and the tail are the best!

  18. Love this post! I was smiling to myself until I saw the last picture, then my face went all distorted because it freaked me out a little. ha ha. But alas, it is a good movie.

    p.s. I wanted to let you know about my Peruvian Feather Earring Giveaway at itssimpleloe.blogspot.com. Don't miss out!


  19. This is so cute!

    Thanks for joining Get Your Craft on Thursday. Please join me next week for another great party. Don’t forget to stop by and enter my giveaway. I’ll announce the winner at next weeks party!

  20. I was feeling all warm & fuzzy until that last pic. Now I'm just creeped out! lol

  21. LoL.. great post .. bunnies are so much "outside of the box" kind of thinking which makes them stand out .. Thanks for B-day wishe.. It was an awsome day.

  22. awww she is sooo adorable!! I love burlap minus the smell at work we cut it by pulling that thread to give us a straight line to follow. I have been using it in my scrapbooking and just love it!!!


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