The Adventures of Cecille The Sew Shy Sammich

Cecille is a very shy Sammich.

Cecille The Sew Shy Sammich

Although, not nearly as shy as the dear Sammich that inspired her very being. Nope. That Sammich is SUPER Shy. You see, Cecille, while shy, likes to go on adventures. She goes on these adventures all by her lonesome because she just prefers it that way.

Cecille hanging out on the bench

Cecille likes to hang out at the park and take in the sunshine on the park bench. But if anyone sits beside her she is quick to change her plans.

Cecille hiding in the bush

Sometimes Cecille will even go so far as to hide in the bushes so she won't be seen! But, if she is being truly truthful, she does that partly because she thinks it is just way fun. hee-hee.

Cecille Climbing the Tree

If she is really avoiding others she will climb high into the trees and just look down and watch as all the other sammiches walk on by. She likes it up there. She can be calm and just watch things happen. She likes to watch things happen. And every now and then a little bird or squirrel will join her in the tree. She is friends with the birds and the squirrels.

Cecille taking a dRive

Sometimes she gets extra adventurous and goes for a drive! The only problem is that she has trouble reaching the peddles. Yes, I suppose that would be a problem when you have no feet. Not sure how she deals with the steering wheel, either, actually.

Cecille Heading Inside

Eventually, though, Cecille the Sew Shy Sammich gets sleepy and heads back inside. She scans her key card...

Cecille taking the stairs

...and then has to hike it all the way up to the third floor! It's quite the journey for a sleep Sew Shy Sammich like Cecille!

Cecille hanging out with friends

Finally....Cecille makes it home and can relax and enjoy the company of her very best friends.

The. End.

A HUGE thanks to the absolutely AMAZING LollyChops for inspiring (okay, so she's more than just inspired she's a copy! HA!) Cecille and for giving me something low key to work on while I was at home sick and bored out of my skull. Nothing like a good blanket stitch to keep your hands busy and not require a lot of brain power! HA! Lolly, you rock! Just say'n!

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  1. It looks like you had fun finding places for Cecilla.
    She kind of reminds me of my MIL. She was a very kind, shy woman, her name was Cilia. My middle daughter takes after her. Very, very shy.
    Love your story about Cecilla

  2. Love her! Too cute. I began to quilt a little while ago. I found the cutest pattern for an owl on a blog I frequent. Thought of you as soon as I saw it.


  3. I love this! Your blog is really sweet. I wonder what your neighbors think when they see her up in the tree?

  4. Whether well or poorly you are just madinthehead, I dunno whether I should be sorry for you or laugh!

    Tell you what, if you are really bored, and better, you should write your story into a little book with the photos as illustrations! Make a lovely present if you have little people nephews, nieces, godchildren etc.

  5. My mother's name is Cecilia. Heehee. I should make her a Cecille pillow like yours. :)

  6. Cecille is so cute! Loved reading about her many great travels. Hope you are feeling better very soon!
    :) Theresa

  7. OMGOSH...a cutie made a cutie!!!
    Hope you are feeling tons better Chickie!!!


  8. What a cutie patootie!

  9. Sorry you are under the weather. Looks like you had good company though! CUTE!!!

  10. She is so cute! I think she needs a boyfriend though--maybe PJ Samwich.

  11. Very cute, thanks so much for stopping by my blog today - glad you like the notecards!!!! have a wonderful day!

  12. This is the funniest thing I have read this morning so thank you.

    I love it and Cecille's hair piece is fab!

  13. Cecille is really cute...loved the adventure!

    Jamie :)

  14. hahahahahahahahahahahaha.... this is the funniest thing ever Jingle!

    I think that girl needs her a man. A Man Sammich! harharhar.

    Sew Shy Sammich met the man of her dreams from online dating over at eHarmony.com. They were married on Wednesday. She's expecting (triplets)... all tea sammiches (roast beeef with cheese, cucumber and dill and little petite fours) Friday evening...(I am her lamaze coach and have been in classes with her since this morning) It's been one heck of a week!!

    Whew... hope you are feeling better.

  15. hahahahaha i love love love this post! thanks for stopping by MVC come back real soon!!



  16. I love it! Very funny and cute post! I love little shy Cecille!

  17. You always make me smile with your posts! I love it! Maybe you should create children's books.

    I also love Lolly...she's awesome.

    Thanks for bringing your fun post to the party. And I always see your comments on everyone's creative posts...thanks for that! :)


  18. Aw, Cecille is so cute, and so are her friends! Love her!

  19. What a cute post. Love it, and Cecille.

    Thanks for joining Get Your Craft on Thurs. Pleas join me next week for another great party.


  20. what kinda sammie is she? just wonderin'. 'cuz that matters, you know. important for a sammie's self-esteem.

    (she's awfully cute, but i would make sure the car keys were out of her reach!)

  21. Cecille is precious. I love her adventure, but now I'm tired. She has worn me out.


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