A Spring Night: A New Art Doll

Just a quick diversion from the Art Doll:

Chili Chocolate Dulce De Leche Cupcake

I made Chili Chocolate Dulce De Leche cupcakes last night and they TOTALLY made up for the boring ones I made earlier this week!  Seriously...these are AMAZING!!!!!  SO good.  They make me happy.   It's a good thing I had to make them for The Hubbums to take to school for the sweet ladies who keep making him lunch, otherwise I would have eaten LOTS.  Just say'n.  Mmmmm...sooooooooo yummy!

Okay...moving on to my newest Art Doll! 

I was intrigued by what seemed like a totally doable design created by Tina McLeod in the most recent issue of Art Doll Quarterly and I had to try something similar.  Of course, I altered her instructions and design just a bit to work with what I had on hand, but the basic style is very similar. She is such a fun doll!  I had a blast creating her! 

A Spring Night

A Spring Night Art Doll

Here she is!!!  Wanna know the best part?  She is a no-sew fabric doll!  I glued her together!  I kid you not, folks.  I wouldn't lie about something as serious as avoiding sewing!  HA!  

A Spring Night Art Doll on Buttons

Her torso is a fun, soft flannel type fabric in a wonderfully fantastic spring pattern wrapped around, well, we just say it's quilt batting.  It might....maybe...perhaps....actually be fake snow 'blanket' that I got on uber clearance after Christmas and figured would be just as good because, let's face it, it's the same stuff, but we will just 'CALL' it quilt batting so I don't look like a cheap hack.  K?  k.  Yup.  Moving on.

A Spring Night Art Doll Head

I created a ball of batting (*clears throat* - snow) using a bit of glue to help it hold it's shape.  I then wrapped that ball, (HEY!  One *might* even call it a SNOW ball!  HA!  She has a snowball for a brain!  That's funny stuff!  Oh, the things that make me laugh....yes...moving on.  Again.)  with a piece of upcycled fabric (an old hoodie that is making it's way into more projects than I can even keep track of at this point!), brought the ends together and tied the neck with string.  I then used glue to attach it to the torso and make sure the fabric was exactly where I wanted it to be.  Ah, yes...the hot glue gun.  She who wields it has such powers, you know!

A Spring Night upper

Her limbs are just tubes of fabric glued into place.  I embellished her with the pieces of her choice.  She was feeling rather girly so she requested a crochet lace collar and a diamond necklace.  (Shhh...she doesn't know they are fake and what she doesn't know can't hurt her!)  However, because she loves all things Halloween and things of the night and such, she requested some nice black buttons to match her eyes and, of course, the perfect hair....ummmm......head accessory!  A tiny bat!  But, being that the girly phase was still in full force, she also wanted a fabulous shimmering plume, and that is exactly what she got!  

And there you have her!  Don't be surprised if she tries to scare you and then hands you a bouquet of flowers.  You just never know with this one!  Just say'n!

A Spring Night Face

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  1. First... YUM!!! Can I have a cupcake for breakfast?! And Second... Adorable!!! Love the doll!!!! So cute!

  2. Cute! And no sewing is the best part!

  3. Ohhh cupcakes.
    She is cute. Come on Jingle once you start to sew you will become hooked.

  4. Those cupcakes DO look amazing!!

  5. OMGOSH...I want a cupcake for breakfast. Any change we might get that recipe...sounds interesting...very interesting!!!!

    LOVE the doll...you did an awesome job with her. Love the bat on her head...now you can say she has a snowball brain with bats in her belfry....ROFL!!!!!!!!!!

    I just love your post..now where is that tissue...I'm laughing so much I'm crying!!!!


  6. Cupcakes...yum!

    I love your little doll...sweet.

  7. Love the bat hair accessory! Too much! LOL!!

  8. She is scary adorable. I love her bat-rette. And no sewing. Brilliant!

  9. When I first saw it I thought you were sewing away over there! I was relieved to find out you used glue. She is way cute! You did a fabulous job and made me feel like I could handle making a doll! What a informative and funny post.


  10. CUTE dolly!!!! What a great job. :) And those cupcakes are divine...I'm going to have to bake some soon...I've been having major cravings. :) Theresa

  11. I am craving chocolate so badly right now I can barely leave this comment before I need to dash off to the kitchen.

    The doll is adorable! I love how easy you make these seem (though I know even with magical snow they take a good deal of time!). LOVE this!

  12. the cupcakes look amazing- I do love a good cupcake and your doll is sweet. Aren't we so lucky to live an artful life? Thank you for your sweet comments- I really do appreciate them.

  13. Super cute!!! I recognize that fabric. :) Those cupcakes look yummy! I will have to make a small batch of cupcakes this weekend now. Thanks for the push, Jingle!

  14. what fun! Cupcakes & dolls- now how about a cup of tea?

  15. The cupcakes look amazing.
    She turned out adorable!

  16. I love love love love love that doll.

    I like her better than that cupcake and that's saying A LOT.

  17. Those cupcakes sound delish!!! Love the doll too. :-)

  18. Oh she's just dollin'! Better not let her near the cupcakes though...which sound awfully tempting...I can't believe you made dollin' without any sewing- that's little short of ingenious!

  19. I'm impressed you made this beautiful doll without sewing..wow! I enjoyed reading all the details.


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