I Want it NOW!!!

I think I'm going through a phase of sorts.

I hope it's a phase anyway.

If it isn't, I'm in trouble, MISTER! For reals, folks.

You see, I have a seriously bad case of the I WANT IT NOWS!!!!!

Only, because I'm not actually an insolent child, it's not so much STUFF that I want.

Although, I am unable to deny the fact that what I want generally leads to the gradual acquisition of STUFF.

But, the point remains...I don't have a case of the gimmes when it come to STUFF.


But I have one HELL of a case of the I WANT IT NOWS for skills.


I'm not even kidding, here boys and girls.

It seems that as of late I want to know how to do it all!
I am finding myself obsessively interested in a HUGE, not to mention extremely VAST, collection of various art forms and craft ideas.

I want to be able to sew - like for real. With a machine and stuff.

I want to be able to quilt.

I want to know how to knit and be actually good at it.

I want to crochet and, yes, be good at that, too.

I want to be able to sculpt amazing detailed faces and hands and feet and bodies that look like real people.

I want to be able to paint both lifelike figures and abstract fascinations.

I want to be able to take the very best of photos (although...I can say that I am actually pretty good with a camera).

I want to be able to use Photoshop to do cool stuff to photos.

I want to be able to use wire to form fabulous creatures of all kinds.

You see....

I have a horrible case of the I WANT IT NOWS!

Yes, I know I can learn any one of these things by studying it online on my own or paying large sums of money for classes, but I don't want to do that. I want it NOW!

As I said, I really hope this is a phase. Partly because it's a bit obnoxious, but also because the REAL problem here is that I actually have IDEAS for all of these things spinning around in my head! I have projects popping up one after the other that I REALLY want to try! Seriously, you guys...if this keeps up...I might actually, physically, not-even-joking POP! Just say'n. I've dabbled a bit with most of these things and I know, in time, I will actually be quite good at some of them, but MAN it's hard to just pick a small handful of things to do!

Does anyone else have this problem? How have you decided which hobbies to pursue and which to admire from the side of the longing observer? How many can one person reasonably even tackle without being crappy at a lot of things instead of really good at a few?

Oh, the stresses. For reals, people. For. Reals.

I'd love to know you thoughts on this one.

In the meantime....I'll just keep singing this all day.


  1. I have the "Want it now!" too! It's so hard to focus on learning just one thing cause I have all these ideas and I want to try all these great things! Then the reality of time rears it's ugly head and I get sad. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one with the "wants it now"! Best of luck taming yours! ;0)

  2. Oh ya I have it to. I do know how to do alot of those things. But when I lay in bed at night my mind will not shut down with all the things I am going to create the next day.
    But the funny thing is I think I can do everything. LOL

  3. I want to learn a new craft this year but I am certain I will never have time. Everytime I walk past the Fimo at Ms when it is on sale, I want to buy a pack in every color. But alas, I don't have time to do the dishes, let alone Fimo characters :(

    BTW: Love the referrance to Veruca!

  4. YUP! After I stop laughing in sympathy, that's what I want to share: Yup.

    I would highly recommend "The Renaissance Soul" - a book I'm in the middle of that kinda sorta justifies all of these IWIN's (I Want It Now. 'course, you say "I Win", and it makes me want it more!!)

    I have oodles of materials around the house for when I am competent in sewing, clay modeling, glass working, quilting, paper bead making...you name it.

    I've just been journaling all of the ideas that keep popping up and it at least makes me feel better that I won't lose the ideas. That, in turn, gives me a little time lee-way to pursue one craft one day then another interest the next...they'll all come together, eventually.

    From one fortunate idea-generator to another, keep right on hoppin'!!

  5. Yep, I have that, too!! :) For reals!

  6. Heeheehee....how funny that the first line of MY bloggy post today is "You can't always get what you want."

    Seriously though, girl - I totally get it. I am an "instant gratification" kind of person, myself. For example, I got a keyboard - and expected to be able to play like Beethoven within a week. I gave up. I don't even know where middle C is anymore. :)

  7. makes it SERIOUSLY tough to get a good night's sleep, dunnit? argh, when the ideas are all swimming around in there, i just can't SHUT DOWN!

    ambitious much? ;)

    (Cecille is fabulous)

  8. Glad to see I am not the only one out there with this problem. Now you know why my shop name and such is KaoticKrafter. I refuse to limit myself. Yeah, I may not be perfect at one art form, but I gave up trying to be perfect when it lead to heart murmurs. Now I do my crafts for the fun of them.

    About the only form of art I stay away from is anything that involves drawing. I can draw a mean stick figure, but that is about it. Hmm...I wonder if I could make and sell my stick figures...

  9. I'm one of those too. And I don't think there's a cure. The woes of being an artist...

  10. I am definitely going through an "I want it now!" stage. It's really horrible, I'm being totally impatient. Hopefully, I get over it quick!

  11. I know what you mean. There is so many things like that that I want to learn how to do too and be good at!

  12. Ha! I have a brand-new iPod, and I want RIGHT NOW to be able to use it. It's going to take about as long as learning sewing and Photoshop will take you! I do find that when I start craving to to crafts, I can pick one and focus on that, and the others recede into the background a little--probably because my creative needs are being met.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes. I think I'll be joining you as a guest blogger at Kathy's place.

  13. Apparently I wasn't signed in when I sent that last message....I'm Nancy aka BL-O G.

  14. i right here with you. i got a sewing machine from my mom for christmas back in november (yah, i know, i couldn't wait to until christmas to get it)...and i still haven't opened the box yet.

    there really should be some kind of group therapy for us.

  15. Well I don't get quite that many urges to learn new things "right now" (LOL) but when something keeps nagging at me over time I do finally give in and set aside a few minutes to try it. Like, (and this is embarrassing) I wanted to try using alcohol inks in my ATCs but it seemed intimidating. For months I kept avoiding it but didn't stop thinking about it. Finally I just gave in and bought the bare minimum and sat down with it and tried it. And not scary at all, LOL.

    p.s. thanks for the b-day wishes!

  16. I want to DO IT now more that get it now. I can stand by and obverse knitting, cus the last sweater I made had one booby bigger than the other (!?!?) So I work on whatever is at the top of the pile on my worktable, There's always lots on the go and lots to choose from.

  17. Um, are you talking about me, or you? lol! I sound exactly like that! I want to knit, crochet, embroider (I've dabbled in that, no pro by any means), quilt... I sew but could use some more skill! Ive got some squares cut to try a quilt, it's just getting the nerve to finish. Question is, when do I have time for all this on top of 3 kids, a full time job, college, football & dance classes?

  18. I hate to tell you this but it's just part of being a creative person and it never goes away. I am happy only when I'm learning new things. I'm like a human sponge. What I do is write down my ideas in case one day, I'm actually able to follow through with them.

  19. I know the feeling all too well myself ;)

  20. LOL Jingle. Of course you do! That is just who you are. Wish I could gift you a few more hours in a day... blast and here I am posting as one is getting snagged away. Happy Daylight savings...

  21. This is such an apt post, and judging by the comments a lot of people feel the same! I think Lisa's comment (5th above)is really helpful and its what I do- write things down, and keep a notebook by the bed so you can write it down and stop working on it when you should be sleeping! I also have the 'there's so much to know' syndrome, at present I'm researching Medieval Ireland, for no reason than 'I want to know'!

    Perhaps we should just feel sorry for the people with no interests?!


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