I have entered yet another dimension of Social Networking....Please Join Me!

HA! Seriously, I'm starting to wonder just HOW MANY ways we can connect via social networking media, but then, I realize that I love it all, so I'm totally going with it! And...because my blog is probably my favorite form of social media and because I adore my readers SOOOOO much. (Like wicked crazy lots, actually...Just say'n.) I took the plunge and set up a Just Jingle Fan page on Facebook! You can see the cute little widget over there on the right>>>>>>>. It's a bit lonely right now, so please become a fan! HA!

Right now, my dear Beatrice is serving as my mascot. I'll be working on the page here and there, but I felt she was a good representative with whom to begin.

Oh...you want incentive, do you? Well, if you become a fan head on over to the two current giveaways and leave an extra comment on THAT post that you became a FB fan I you get an extra entry!!!! Yay! If you don't want to enter the contest just fan me anyway so I don't wind up curled up in a ball on the floor sobbing, K? K.

NOW....I also wanted to say a HUGE thank you to my amazing swap partner for the Bunny Swap that I was in!!! Malissa created this amazing 3-D Paper Piece for me!!! For REALS! Is that not freaking wicked crazy amazing? Yup. It is. In case you were confused.


Seriously, check out the dimension on this thing! It is so cool. Really. It is. I'm not even lying to you right now.

She also didn't stop with just that one amazing piece! She sent me some other incredible hand made goodies, too!!! Check these out!!!


And THIS adorable little chick in a basket!!!! Oh, for the LOVE of all things cute and cuter!


And she also made this fantastic decoupaged blown egg! Isn't that just stunning! And...I discovered that The Hubbums has apparently never blown an egg in his life. (HA! That just sounds wrong. Sorry. But it does. I know. I have the mind of an eight grader. It's The Hubbums fault. He tells me the funny stuff his students say and laugh at and it just sticks! What can I tell ya?) Anyway...moving on...he had no idea how it was done, so now I feel the need to go through the excruciating process just to show him how COOL it is!!!


Anyway...I hope you will come over and become a fan on Facebook. 'Cause spending a Friday night balled up in a corner bawling is just not fun. Save me from this fate, my friends. SAVE ME!!!!!!!!

Heee-Heee...I feel it coming today....I feel it.....

yup. Here it is.....

Jingle Out, folks!

HAAAAA!!!!! *sigh*


  1. Love that egg!!! And I Fanned ya'!

  2. That egg is awesome -- you've been fanned!

  3. Awww Jingle, I'll follow ya! You've been fanned again

  4. People would be crazy not to fan you on facebook!!! Where would they get their daily inspiration?

  5. super cute and really beautiful work on all the pieces!

  6. Weeeeeeeeeeeeee! Adorable :) If I was active Id do it...I'm just not. I'll just have to be your pal here :)

  7. Check out all those goodies! LOVE the egg! Just LOVE it!! (Oh, and I've never "blown" an egg, either...heehee...truly, I haven't. Am I missing something?) Ok, you twisted my arms...both of them. I shall become a fan. ;)

  8. What great gifts you received in the swap! Anything Alice is fine with me. I just went on over and joined your Fan Page. Hurray! I was so happy to have sweet Beatrice greet me there. :) What fun!!! Have a great weekend!!! Theresa :)

  9. I have blown my share of eggs, LOL.
    Love the treats you received.
    Ya I like you, I'll fan you.

  10. Ohhhh J..ya know I'm a fan and so had nothing to do with ya whining and crying on the floor...it was cause I luv ya chickie. LOVE all the awesome goodies and OMGOSH that card is rockin!!!


  11. ooh, as soon as I can get to my home computer I will fan ya! congrats on entering a new realm! LOL -- and um...LUCKY. You got some awesome stuff girl! LOVE that egg! cute cute cute! ---and thanks for the blog love this morning! That made me smile! xoxoxoxoxoxox ~ Renee

  12. That egg is so awesome! You've got mad skills m'dear.

  13. Welcome to Facebook Fan fun! There are people who NEVER come to my blog who only follow me on Facebook -- you will be spreading your Jingle love in a much wider net now!

    Wonder if my Sweetie has ever blown an egg...

    Oh I was reminiscing on my blog today and linked your guest post again! It never gets old Thanks!

  14. What incredible creations! I will be sure to Fan you! hugs from Texas

    P.S. Liked the necklace you whipped up in an earlier post! what a smart girl you are!

  15. The picture is great fun, and the egg is very elegant! And I fanned you, and I've written you into today's post too!! Howzat? It's not very polite but its funny!

  16. you are so totally creative and love love love your energy. Sarah

  17. Well hi Jingle!! I wanted to let you know that you have won one of our sweet treat baskets on MHA!! As I was reading your post I was shocked to see that Malissa was your swap partner...shocked because she won the other basket!! What are the chances??? So Congrats and please email me at cottagegardenstudio@gmail.com with you addy so I can send you basket off to you!!
    Congrats, Sarah

  18. I am officially your fan on FB!!! YAY!


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