Teaser!!!! Upcoming Review for a fun new toy!

I am SO excited to tell you guys about this! I have been offered the opportunity to work with CSN stores to review a product here on Just Jingle and I am super stoked about it! For reals, folks! CSN Stores has an amazing online presence with over 200 stores where you can find everything from children's toys and games to home bars (and really nice ones at that!!!)! Seriously, guys, they TOTALLY have something for everyone! And what do they have that I am so excited to share with you? An AMAZING pasta machine!!!

Yes, my friends, I am SUPER excited about this! To be AMAZINGLY continued......


  1. This is so cool.
    Seriously you make your own pasta?!?!
    Is there anything you don't do LOL

  2. LOL....I'm with Tracy - is there anything you don't do, girl?! Seriously, this looks like fun! Imagine the possibilities. (If you get angry with one of your dolls, you can zap her through that contraption!) ;)

  3. Sounds like a lot of fun! Can't wait to learn more about it, and congratulations to you. Theresa :)

  4. Awesome! Can't wait to hear your review - that looks like so much fun.

  5. Wow! That's amazing! The only time I made pasta it turned into such cement that when I threw it in the bin it broke the bottom out of the bin...my FIL makes it all the time and its delicious.

    I'd say that's a pretty prestigious think to be asked to do? So be careful of your bin...


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