So....remember that bunny paw????

That little one that I sneaked and told you that I couldn't show you the whole thing yet?

WELLLLLLL.....my swap partner received her package, so I can TOTALLY show you now and I'm SUPER STINKING EXCITED to do so!!!!!

For reals, people.  I love him.  He was SO wicked fun to create, I can't even begin to tell you!

White Rabbit Front

Ladies and Gentlemen....I'd like to introduce to you, The White Rabbit!

Yup!  I made him.  Yup!  He makes me happy.  Yup!  Now I'm showing him to you so he can make you happy, too.  Just say'n.

White Rabbit Angle

His feet totally make me giggle!  LOL!  He is wonderfully round and fluffy, too!  And, of course, he is wearing his hearts.

White Rabbit Back View

His hands, feet, and head are all sculpted from clay.  His body is a wire form body, taped, and filled with rice to give him weight.  I covered him with fuzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!  That was fun.  Messy...but fun!  HA!

White Rabbit Side View

He is wearing some beautifully embellished over-sized playing cards and a brilliant red collar adorned with glitter!

White Rabbit Close

I hand painted his face, hands, and feet and I am just thrilled with them!  He really was a blast to create and I am so glad that he is safe in his new, happy home!!!!

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  1. Oh My! You really need to put some of his brothers on Etsy! He is adorable!

  2. He is cute.
    Love is outfit. Fits him perfectly.

  3. OMG -- he is freakin' adorable! Love his big red collar!

  4. Ohhh he is soooo adorable and yes it did make me smile!!! Now to catch up on everything you have done since I have been gone sooo long!Thanks for thinking of me!

  5. That's amazing! I love the whole White Rabbit theme too.

  6. He's ADORABLE!!! Love his face!!!

  7. Ohhhh Jingle...ya did an outstanding job on him...I LOVE him!!! Really like how ya did the card...way awesome but then again just look at the artist!! Just sayin......


  8. so cute and very Alice in Wonderland-y!

  9. He is BRILLIANT! You have out-done/ excelled yourself this time! He is only a-maz-ing-a!

  10. How wonderful is he?! What an awesome job you did!

  11. That is impressive!! And cute as a bug. Or as a bunny?

  12. wowza! so stinkin cute!

  13. OMG - what a face! Totally adorable...and the body is gorgeous!

    I agree - the feet make me giggle. LOL

  14. Love, love, LOVE him!!! You did a beautiful, beautiful job!!! I'll bet your swap partner was so excited - I know I would have been. You have quite the talent for crafting whimsical creatures. :) Theresa

  15. Oh my gosh, i love him, how creative and fun.

  16. He's dee-lightful! and I'm sure he smiled at me.

  17. Really great!

    A perfect ETSY item. Just say'n.

  18. Waaaay cute and creative! LOVE IT!!!! :)


  19. Fan-Freakin-Tastic! absolutely adorable! It oozes delightfulness! I hopped over from Somewhat Simple and am so happy that I did! I hope to see you over at my place one day soon. until later...

  20. How original!! He's such a cutie.

  21. Your rabbit makes me happy as well..

    Thanks for joining Get Your Craft on Thursday. Please join me next week for another wonderful party!!

    Please stop by next week I am having guest over each day and I would love for you to tell them HI!


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