Through the Lens of Time...

HA! If that's not the cheesiest post title ever, I'm not sure what is. *sigh* I crack myself up sometimes. I really and truly do.

SO.....check that out!!!! ^^^^ Totally fabulously gorgeous new VTT button! I'm loving it! So excited! If you've never participated in Vintage Thingies Thursday, I highly encourage you to jump on over to Colorado Lady and check it out! You get to see so many fabulously wonderful things! It makes for a happy day in blogville!!!

Today, I have something that I, personally, consider to be WAY FREAKING COOL! No. For reals. These are awesome.

Vintage Glasses

Yup. Those are totally amazing vintage glasses. Yup. They totally still have the original prescription lenses in them. LOVE THEM.

Why is it that frames from the 50's and 60's were so amazingly cool? Even earlier than that - they had awesome ones back in the 20's, 30's, and 40's too! I wonder if the frames that sit upon my dried up little winter nose right this minute will be totally trendy in 50 years or so. What do you think?

Honestly, if I could find a place that I knew could SAFELY remove the lenses from these and put my prescription in them I'd be ALL OVER THAT like white on rice, folks. White rice. Not fried rice or brown rice. The analogy breaks down if you go messing with the rice. Jasmine is good. I love Jasmine rice. Mmmmmmm....... Jasmine rice with butter and sugar for breakfast..... now I'm hungry.

From talking about vintage glasses.

ONLY ME! I tell ya! Seriously. I have a food problem.

But I'm okay with that.

But, anyway....the glasses. Yeah. If I could wear them I totally would! I want to find more, but I got these for amazingly low prices (one at a yard sale and the other at a small antique shop) and now I'm cheap about them and don't like to pay more than a few dollars for them. I think it would be cool to amass a collection of them and hang them all together on the wall. Any other good display ideas? Right now, they aren't displayed so I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Feel free to share your favorite kind of rice, too. You know...since that's what this post is about and stuff.

Just say'n.


I think today calls for a .....

....wait for it....

Jingle Out.




I'm done now.


  1. I was around in the 60s and was glad when those styles were replaced with something new. I do like the idea of collecting & displaying them, but not wearing them. If you are artistic, there are a lot of things you can do with them too. I have a whole art book called "Spectacles" by Samuele Mazza.

  2. Very cool glasses. I think they'd look great on you. That's the way to display them. I bet a good optomitrist could change those lenses for you. Fun post!

  3. I love them too! Do you think that the lens' can't be replaced? I didn't know that???? That never occurred to me actually... It's amazing that they are still around while all the piece of...well, never mind what I think of the glasses made now. Lets just use the word junk shall we?

    They don't last a year pretty much.

    Makes me furious. And they want like $600. I don't half-think so!



  4. Just wear them and have fun. They are older. but I like the larger lens. I have smaller ones, but do not see as well with them. I have a pair similar to theses but not that old.

  5. I'm with Postcardy - Those were totally nerdy in the 60s. I crack up when I seen the retro glasses on people now. As a kid, I would have done anything not to have to wear cat eye glasses, especially with rhinestones - eeewwww. I'm smiling at your delight in them

  6. noooooo, i'm with teresa! do some price comparing, and the next time you need new glasses, bring in a pair of those awesome frames and ask if they'll work their magic! you'd be spending the money on a new pair anyway, and these are glasses you won't find on ANY shelf - nothing would compare! LOVE 'EM! (and totally perfect for an artsy gal such as yourself!)

    gimme some saffron rice, baby. and KHEER, done right. anyday. oh, your post about vintage glasses has me with a giant hankerin', girl.

  7. Oh my Gosh, how did you get my Mother's glasses? Seriously she wore glasses just like those. I hadn't thought about them in years. What fun! Good find! Thank you for visiting junkblossoms. I loved reading your comment. Thanks for stopping by, come back soon. Pat

  8. I like rissoto. Mmmmm, so creamy. Fun specs!!

  9. Really cool glasses. And rice with butter and sugar...that sounds really weird ;) Thanks for stopping by.

  10. I remember my aunt having a pair similar but with loads of rhinestones on them. She loved those glasses, and wore them until she they could no longer put her prescription in them. Then she kept them for a back up pair.


  11. Those are so cool! I'm sure you can find someone who could delicately change the lens.

  12. Cute glasses...not sure I could rock 'em.

    I wonder if Ryan Seacrest will use his "Seacrest out" this season on AI?

  13. My Mom always had glasses like that in the 60s and 70s! I love them too, but I don't have what it takes to wear a pair out in public. But I can tell that you do, so I think you should go for it! I'm sure there's a place that will make your lenses fit. For a price!
    Happy VTT!

  14. I love rice! Brown rice with cheese and broccoli and walnuts--white rice made with milk and sugar and topped with butter--rice a roni rice pilaf! Bring it on. Never had jasmine rice, but now I want to!

  15. I love vintage stuff! I wish I was cool enough to pull off the look though...

  16. Oh I should TOTALLY find some pictures of my own previous glasses - - - going back to the 60's. It would be a FUN - - - - y post.


  17. I love,love the glasses..and you would be cool enough to be able to wear them..and do it well. Not me. :)
    Happy VTT..have a wonderful weekend.

  18. My mom used to wear frames like that:-)

  19. Sounds like the title of a soap opera! Ha ha!

  20. How retro! Not sure if they are me, but I can totally appeciate the... I can't think of a word. I just appreciate them LOL

  21. i wasn't wearing glasses back in 60's but these look like some my Mum & Aunts were wearing then! Too cool.

  22. I totally dig the specs. My grandma gave me a few pair of her old glasses and a pair of my GREAT grandma's glasses. LOVE them but am scared to death to do anything with them too - so they just sit in a drawer.

  23. I think those are very cool glasses. My sister had a similar pair growing up...wonder if she kept them! Hope you find more.

  24. love those glasses, I wish I had my grandma's pair....they look like they are in great condition...

    And since you asked...basmati rice is my favorite!! In fact, we are having that tomorrow night, with a new recipe! Happy VTT

  25. Hmmmm, when I was a young lass (in the 60's) my parents made me wear these horrible black "batgirl" glasses and I would conveniently "lose" them over and over and over again. Now I wish I had them to give to you!
    I love these tho, why couldn't they have given me these??????

  26. Wonderful glasses!...if you do get to wear them, remember to blue your hair!or maybe just go for a pincurl do. :)

    My first pair of glasses were a little later than these...I went for the black batgirl frames (I loved them-my parents hated them-they thought pink!)

  27. I'd look awful in those, but I think they'd be nice in a shadowbox on the wall, maybe with some glass eyeballs in there too!


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