Beautiful, isn't it? I love this city. I really do. It's just amazing to me. Yes, that is the Charles River and yes, it is, indeed, frozen...at least partially. It is so pretty! I love it. LOVE IT.

You know what else I love? Wonderful weekends spent with my fabulous Hubbums and his parents that came for a (altogether too brief) visit this weekend. We really had a wonderful time together.

We spent Saturday at the Museum of Science (from which the above shot was taken by The Hubbums) and just had a wonderful time! It's always so much fun to go to a museum with other people who love museums as much as we do!!!

We got to go to the Harry Potter Exhibition and it was AWESOME! I loved everything about it! I do wish they had done more to tell you HOW things were done in the films, but just seeing the props and costumes so close and so 'real' was just way fun! It was funny to see just how small the kids were when they did the first films vs. now. Right now I know it is only scheduled in Boston and Toronto, so if you are anywhere near either of those cities I highly recommend it! It's wonderful! They will be adding locations, though, so keep an eye open!

We also went to the Omni IMAX theater to see Dinosaurs Alive!  It was SO good!  Gotta love a 180 degree screen!  AMAZING!

AND....I can proudly say that I faced a fear of mine.  Now, I must say, I did it with motivation.  You see, I've never liked the idea of a butterfly garden.  Actually, I've always been kind of grossed out by them.  I mean, really...it's a place where they intentionally breed a bunch of INSECTS and then let them roam around freely so you can walk around with BUGS all over the place!  For reals?!  Does this REALLY sound like a good plan?  Nope.  It doesn't.  Not at all.

The thing is....as far as bugs go...butterflies do tend to be kind of pretty and stuff.

Shhhh...don't tell anyone I said that.  They are bugs.  I don't like bugs. 

BUT...they do make for great photographs. 

That's what got me!  LOL!  The photos.  I really wanted to take pictures in there.  And...my mother-in-law has always loved Butterfly Gardens, so she really wanted to go.  So...we went.

It was creepy.  I'm not going to lie.  And HOT!  Who knew butterflies needed such humidity!  LOL!  But...alas....CHECK THESE OUT....




(Please don't steal my photographs.  That will make me sad.  And mad.  You don't want to see someone as insane as I am get mad.  HA!  No, really...it usually makes people laugh.  It's not pretty.  Just say'n.)

FOR REALS!!!  You can just walk right up to those suckers and photograph them!  They don't even mind!  It's amazing!  Although, I can't deny the fact that my mouth was closed tightly because for some reason I was scared to death that one would fly right into it!  HA!  I'm such a dork!  LOL!  They did land on the floor sometimes, though, and people don't even pay attention and step on them!  I was a bit shocked at that.  I mean, I don't like bugs any more than the next guy, but when you are in a habitat that is designed SOLELY for them - ummm...you don't get to step on them!!!  Pay attention!  (Sorry.  Rant there.  Didn't mean for that one to come out, but you know...it's that out-loud voice that just sneaks in from time to time.)

Anyway, it turned out to be an overall awesome weekend.  I'm tired.  Very.  But....things will settle back to normal soon.  I hope you had a fabulous weekend!  What's on your docket for this week?


  1. Wow Jingle - you have some AWESOME photos today. I'm sad for you to think that someone may steal your photos. I just really enjoy looking at them

  2. GORGEOUS shots, Jen! i especially love the moth at the bottom - wow!

    yeah, it's hot in those places, but SO worth it. and if you wear brightly coloured, floral patterned clothing, they will often land on you!

  3. WOW lovin all the photos!!!
    I hope to get some crafting time in before I get Aden on Wed....plus I have all week off work!!!

  4. You got some amazing photos, Jingle :)

  5. Awesome pictures girl! Glad you faced your fear of bugs - you're a better woman than I - I would have FLIPPED out if one landed on me....ewwww. THey are pretty - from afar with a great zoom lense - lol

    glad you enjoyed your brief visit with the hubs fam!

  6. wonderful photos - love the last one! Around here, just playing catch up as usual...

  7. Those are just amazing shots of the butterflies.. I've knows people who have gone to the butterfly places where the butterflies just land on you and I'm um, not quite there with that. I don't know, thats a bit too much for me :)


  8. I want to see the HP exhibit so badly. Those are beautiful butterfly shots!

  9. What a fun weekend! And yes it is a beautiful shot of the river!


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