Needle Felting. Holy Freaking Wicked Crazy Cool, Batman. Just Say'n.

No, really.  I'm in love!

Did YOU know that if you take this:


And poke a bagillion times or so with these:


You can end up with a cute little guy like THIS?????



I know, I know...he's a little fuzzy and a bit rough around the edges, but he is my first EVER needle felting project and I think he is pretty darned cute, if I do say so myself.  Which I just did.  And will continue to do.  Just say'n.  Obviously.


He is a little owly kind of guy without a name.  He needs a name, though.  If you have any ideas, feel free to contribute your thoughts.  I only used the two colors because I just wanted to play a little and see how this whole thing even works, but I think he came out mighty darned freaking adorable.


The hardest parts were the beak and the little froo-froo thingy-ma-bob on his head.  Yes.  Of course that is the technical terminology.  I know these things.

I'm thinking maybe I'm supposed to trim him up a bit with scissors or maybe I just need to poke more, which means I need to use a bit  more roving to keep it from getting super tiny, but I will be playing with more soon because I am TOTALLY in love!  AND...the best part is...I have FINALLY found a craft that I can do while sitting in front of a tv show or movie with my husband.  Paper crafting is too much of a pain to do like that.  I can also take this with me because it doesn't require a ton of tools and/or space!  LOVE THAT!  I really love discovering new crafts and this is SO fun to do!  I just need to get better at my actual sculpting skills...in time, though....all in due time.  I'm excited!!!  HEEEEEEEEEE!!!!  I do so love making cute stuff!  Cute stuff makes me happy!!!!!


  1. Cute! I think his name should be 'Domino'. He sort of has that shape and he's black and white.

    BTW, watch out...felting is very addictive. This little guy is going to have lots of friends, lol.


  2. My Lil Sis loves needle felting. She made the cutest kangaroo! She got a book for Christmas with all different breeds of dogs to make...I am hoping a mini schnauzer or scottie dog shows up in my Christmas present next year!

  3. aww, Jen! i dig him! sounds like a fun project - i wonder if they have kits around me...

    i'd totally call him Fez.

  4. I've never even heard of this craft before - yeah, sheltered, I know! Looks like fun, and your little owl is adorable. I like the above person's suggestion to call him "Fez"....that's a great name!

  5. I KNOW! I love doing this stuff! It's sooo fun!

    Only I manage to poke myself like 8 trillion times in the process... red is good right?

  6. Cute little guy.

    I love your picture of yourself.


  7. I have never felted before but it looks like a lot of fun:-)

  8. I've been wanting to try this. He is adorable :)

  9. awesome job girl!! My night manager gets into spinning her own yarn and all kinds of beautiful work...I finally got her to put a blog up...her arm is ok now!I am sooo wanting one of her beaded scarfs.

  10. Adorable! He's the type of guy everyone buys at craft fairs becuase he's so cute...or is that just me? It's hard to imagine how you did that!

  11. Oh bloggy friend I love that cute stuff makes you happy! I chuckled my way thru this post and it only makes my think you're even cooler than I previously thought LOL!

  12. Ay-yi-yi-yi! Now, stop that! I don't need one more thing to buy, I mean do! Truth is I learned to crochet so I could felt...I so I know how to do the felting thing. It wasnt until after I learned how to felt crocheted stuff that I learned that you could do the needle felting - which to be honest would have been way easier. Live and learn but I just can't start that now.

    Unless I win the lottery and buy a whole house for my crafting supplies or something. At least thats what I hear. From my family :)


  13. I stood at the craft store the other day staring at the needle felting tools and supplies. This is a craft that I would love to try. It looks like a lot of fun.

  14. That's adorable! I've always been intrigued by needle felting, maybe I'll have to give it a go one of these days. Can't wait to see your next creation.

  15. cute! I wondered how hard this is, b/c I've seen tons of cutie little guys in mags to make...I may have to try it.

    How about Buddy?


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