Fuzzy Purple Polka Dots and some Answers!

Okay...I wanted to answer a couple of questions that were asked about the video the other day:

How do I sit at my computer?  - I have a stool height chair that I use for both my desk and my computer.  I try not to spend tons of time sitting in front of my machine at home.  I just recently moved it to that spot and I am actually really liking it.  It was on my desk before, but my keyboard and mouse were getting glitter and junk all over them!  HA!  Sometimes I stand at it, too. 

How did you make your light box? - Well, I made The Hubbums do it for me!  HA!  Actually, though, it's pretty simple.  I just bought a couple of sheets of white foam core and cut them to four even panels.  I use pins to hold it together so it can easily be broken down.  I just have a lamp next to it for lighting.  Easy Peasy!!!

How Long have you been scrapping? - I started doing it 'for real' when I was in college.  It's been over a decade now.  I love it!!!  I've been creative all my life, though.  I used to make anything I could out of paper and found objects and try to sell it to my parents when I was little!  LOL!!!  I actually made a good living.......hmmm......just say'n.

Recipe for Frito Chili Pie - SO EASY!!!  AND SO YUMMY!  Take Fritos, put them in a bowl or on a plate.  Heat up some Hormel chili or whatever quick and easy chili you might like and pour over the fritos, smother with shredded cheese.  Have heart burn for a week, but love every minute of it!!!!

Thanks so much for all of the kind comments you guys left!  It was way fun!!!!

And.....on to my latest ATC action:

Purple Fuzz

So....you know when you are working with some fun stuff, but your ATC (Artistic Trading Card) is just not quite coming together?  Well, my friends, I have FOUND the solutions!  And it can be yours for only $19.95!!!!

....ummmm....or it can be free.  You pick.


Yup!  That's the solution!!!  Just add fuzzy purple polka dots and they will make you SOOOO HAPPY!!!!  Seriously.  For reals.  They made me super happy.  I love them.


Of course, I can't deny that the MS glitter glue dots made me pretty happy, too.  And the vintage paper butterflies.  And the uber-fab shimmer from the Glimmer Mist.  But, hey!  Who's counting?  HA!


Pure and Wonderful ATC JOY!!!!  LOVE.  IT.

Just say'n.

Jingle Out.

HAAAA!!!!  HAA!!!!


  1. Ha ha..love your sense of humor. I think your fuzzy purple polka dots are cute. (Besides, purple is my fave color). Your frito recipe sounds yummy, but you're right, I WOULD have heartburn for a week. LOL. Oh well - good food is always worth heartburn!

  2. Oh yes, purple fuzzies give me the warm fuzzies - uber cute card!!!

  3. Purple fuzzies are cute. Great ATC.
    I WAS going to order Pizza for dinner tonight, but NOW I am thinking Frito Chili Pie. I have the time, and the skills.

  4. I spotted the glimmer mist right away - wonderful ATC Jingle

  5. Love the fuzzy purple dots. Where does one get themselves some of those?

  6. I'm lovin' those ATCs!! Very cute. Love the birdcage stamp, and I need those butterflies... did you punch them out of a book? Me likey! Next time you do a video, we wanna hear you talk more BAWSTUN! ;) That would be "wicked cool." Luv ya!

  7. Your ATC is cute. What do you do with them. I have never done one.

  8. Cute ATC. Man, I really need to drag my supplies out. :)

  9. i was counting!

    love the attic! (orange-speak for ATC)

    and fuzzy purple polka dots are nifty - i'd like some on my hat please!

  10. totally gorgeous! have a great weekend, hugs Debx

  11. hehehehehe, fun and nice to see.

    Jingle out ;)



  12. Looks like you're having a great time with those dots! Fun Q&A

  13. Oh that is sweet! I love the embossed birdcage! I have to say fuzzy purple polka dots would make me divinely happy ( only slightly happier if they were in apple green or sunshine yellow or fanta orange!)

  14. lovin' your atc!!!Thanks for the info on the light box when I go back to work I am picking up more foam core board....see if that helps....plus my son is bringing over another camera for me to use..how awesome is that!!!!
    you have an awesome weekend!

  15. That turned out cute!! BTW, you are too funny!

  16. gorgeous, babe! hope you are having a fun and creative weekend!


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