My Weekend Was Insane.

Just Say'n.

No, for reals, though.  It was crazy!

That's why I haven't been around.  I apologize for that. 

That is ALSO why I have a lack of insanely inspiring content for you at the moment.  But it's going to be okay.  I will share with you about my weekend....

So...Thursday, New Year's Eve.

I took the day off from work, as I usually do, because it was The Hubbums and my 9th anniversary.  Yay! 

We had volunteered to help decorate the church for a wedding, so we spent the day there.  It took ALL DAY.  Seriously.  It was kind of crazy.  We had been there the night before figuring out what we needed to do, so I didn't have to go buy anything or anything like that since the mother's totally took care of all of that,which was pretty much awesome.  We did, however, end up doing more than we expected, but it was lovely and we didn't mind at all!  We went to Chili's for a low-keyed dinner that night.  I know...not a big 'anniversary' dinner joint, but we were tired and it was perfect.  And...seriously....what kind of  long day can be ended better than with a Pacific Blue Margarita?  None.  Because they are wonderful.  Just say'n.

Friday - New Year's Day
The wedding was at 11am Friday.  We got there a bit early since I had just made the tags for the favors and the placecards that needed to be made oh....that morning.  No.  I'm not kidding.  Okay...so I made the tags MOSTLY the night before, but the place cards were not even STARTED until Friday morning.  Nuts.  Nuts, I tell ya!  But, I got them done.  50+ tags and I only had to do around 30 or so place cards, so it wasn't too bad.  I do have to say...

...My New Cricut Expression saved my life.  God bless that wonderful machine! 

Seriously.  I couldn't have done it without it.  I am in love.  And, I've learned a lot about it by needing to get stuff done, too, so that's good.  Of course, I've read through the manual like three times cover to cover, so that didn't hurt much!  HA!  (No...I'm not kidding.  I'm obsessive like that.  What do you want me to tell you?  I am.  It's just the way it is.  Deal.  Just say'n.)

SOOOOO......then we sat for the wedding and it was lovely and they were so cute (very young couple) and it is so exciting!  They are off to Texas today to move onto the AF base he is assigned to. 

After the reception (held in the same building) we helped with the breakdown/ clean up of the church.  It's a bit painful to pour yourself into pretty decorations just to take them all down the next day, let me tell you!  So sad.  Necessary, but sad.  Just say'n.

THEN.....we went to see Avatar!!!  HOLY VISUAL HAPPINESS FOR JINGLE!  Seriously, guys.  I'm so not kidding.  I LOVED this movie.  No, I cannot sit here and tell you that the plot was amazing or inventive or anything, but the visual effects are simply STUNNING!  We saw it in 3-D and it was amazing!  I want to move to that very happy place.  Can you even imagine having a neural interface that allows you to LITERALLY connect with the nature around you?  Holy amazing.  Perhaps we would appreciate it more if we did.  Just say'n.

Saturday was a bit lower on the insanity level.  We got up and headed out to IKEA for breakfast and to get some new pillows because we have both been waking up with headaches a lot lately.  We were excited to discover that it was a free breakfast day when we got there!  LOVE THAT!  So, even with a couple of extras that aren't included with the 'free' portion (which is totally enough, but you know....extending the holidays and all...) we got breakfast for two for around $5.  LOVE THAT!  Then we got the boxes I needed for my scrapbook room (progress photos to come as soon as I make some actual substantial progress!  HA!) as well as the pillows we needed and a couple of toys for the dogs and some other things because IKEA is evil like that.  We then went to a friend's house later that evening for dinner and it was lovely.

Sunday - we left the house to get the paper in the morning so I could get the FIVE coupon inserts!!!!  (I love it when there are tons like that) and then we spent the rest of the stinking day AT HOME!  FINALLY.  *sigh*  I like to be home.  I should be there more often.  It's a happy place.

Soooooo.....that is where I have been all weekend!  How did you celebrate the new year?  Anything exciting?  Were you totally asleep before midnight like we were?  HA! 


  1. Holy cow lady. I need a nap just reading this. I am a slug compared to you. A happy slug though.

  2. Wow you did have a busy weekend! I am glad you are lovin the new Cricut!
    I want to go see the Avatar movie sooo bad!

  3. you are so funny!

    IKEA *sigh* totally jealous over here in the boonies! :(

    Happy Late Anniversary!

  4. Wow! You were a busy girl.

    We celebrated at home with the rest of the family on the farm. We played games and then watched the ball drop on Manga Dork's tv because the satellite was acting up in the living room. Happy 2010!

  5. That was a GREAT crazy weekend:-)

  6. Yes - I went to bed at 11:30 p.m., how pathetic is that? My husband and 12 year old stayed up until midnight, though, without me. I saw Avatar and it WAS just so visually stunning - amazing. I loved it!

  7. sounds like a fantastic weekend! Congrats on the anniversary :D Best wishes for a happy & healthy new year!

    My husband always insists we a game night/party on the 31st. Then everyone goes home for a few hours sleep & returns for a big feast at noon on the 1st. Fun but exhausting!


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