Art and the Soul - Take Flight

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Take Flight

Today I am sharing with you a piece of me.  No...I did not create this lovely art doll to look like me, so just stop those comments right in their tacks! HA!

No, I did not create her to look like me, but I did create her while I was a little stressed.  It's funny how somethings, even if it isn't bad and you don't see it happening, that bit of stress can drive your creativity to a brilliant revelation of self.

Take Flight Upper Body
Take Flight Torso
Take Flight - beads & wire

I would love to tell you what I see, but I can't.  It's not that I don't want you to know...it's that what I see is created within her.  It shines through her details.  It is not something that the English language is capable of communicating.  It is a visual story.  A story of a piece of me.

Pretty neat, huh?  I thought so when I finished her.  It's just amazing to complete a piece and see yourself in it so clearly.  Wicked.  Crazy.  Cool.  Just say'n.

Take Flight Face

But...since I can't communicate what I see, I could at least be kind enough to tell you how she is made!!!  The base fabric is a piece of canvas that I treated with ink pads and spray ink and crumpled up to wrinkle into sheer fabulousness.  I stamped the words on the background with CTMH stamps and Tim Holtz Distress ink.

Her face is sculpted from a translucent polymer clay and coated with a glitter glaze.  Her features are painted on.

Take Flight wing

As is my norm, I have a couple of upcycled pieces in there - her torso is a coffee sleeve from Starbucks and her head is adorned with some gold pieces salvaged from a holiday wreath.  The smaller set of wings is stamped on vintage encyclopedia pages.  The larger wings and the key making up the head and foot are grungeboard covered in glitter.

Take Flight text

....and she serves as a reminder.  A reminder to take flight and fly away.  I love her.  Even if The Hubbums thinks she is creepy.  Just say'n.


  1. ooooot, Jen, she's fantastic. i love every last little stinkin' detail, and the fact that she represents you, abstractly.

    creepy? he doesn't know!
    it's when he wakes up with this thing dangling in his face... that might be enough. :)

  2. I love this. I think her face, though simple, is so expressive. Okay, I see . . . frustration, exasperation, and maybe a bit of befuddlement. Love her!

  3. How adorable! Love her little "boobies"! LOL!

  4. I love her, Jingle. What a great piece of art for your wall! You are so talented and creative. LOVE her!!!

  5. So cute!!! Thanks for visiting my blog ;)

  6. She is so sweet, honestly, she is !

  7. She is sweet.

    Love her big eyes.

  8. I think she's kinda kookie! Her bug eyes remind me of marzipan...I like all the recycled bits and bobs too.

  9. What a wonderful blog, I am so glad that you found me, which in turn has aloud me to find you.

    How amazing is this event, our paths may never have crossed if it hadn't been for OWOH.

    I love to be added to your great giveaway. I love your girls boobies, what a great idea are they buttons?


  10. Oh, bug girl is fantabulous! I'd love to see your workshop, full of all those odds and ends you use. Wow. Guess I'm going to have to follow you. I'm meeting so many wonderful people through this Carpet Ride.

  11. Ohh your blog is so beautiful!!!!!!

  12. I like how you combined all of these things here. I was certain that the cardboard was corrugated tin, but obviously I was wrong.

  13. It's a goodess-angel-owl flying hooha!
    Love it!

  14. wow, she is beautiful! I love it. Art is amazing. :o)


  15. I love your art doll! She's so cute. Some of your stuff reminds me of some of the things I've made. LOL! If we lived closer together, we could craft together!
    Check this paper doll out I made...


    Sorry.. I don't know how to make it smaller!


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