Progress. It's a Good Thing.

Okay...so I already totally told you all about my exciting trips to IKEA.  Okay...so maybe they aren't THAT exciting, but quite frankly I see ALL trips to IKEA as a wonderful adventure to a magical land of happy, sooooo....yeah.  Okay...moving on.

Yes, I got another Expedit shelf (this one is smaller than my first one) to put into my Scrapbook Studio.  I also bought three Lack tables so I could get rid of a couple of ucky things that are in there.

And...oh, yeah....then there's that thing that instigated all of this fun change....

MY NEW CRICUT.  (Did I tell you about that?  Did I say it LOUD enough?  I just want to be sure you know about it and all.  You know...just trying to keep you in the loop and such.  That's all.  Not bragging or overly excited about it.  Nope.  Not me.  Not at all.  Just say'n.)

Oh.   By the way, her name is Sally.  Sally Cricut.  Not that I am excited enough to have named her or anything.  Or to be totally personifying her by referring to her as a 'her' to begin with.  Nope.  Not me.  I wouldn't be doing any of that.  That would just be silly.  Silly, I tell you.

SO....the re-org.  It's going well.  Slowly.  But well, nonetheless.


This photo is proof that progress has been made!!!  Yay for progress!!!  You see the new shelf, built lovingly by The Hubbums, you see Sally and her body guard, Pedro.  Pedro was made by the AMAZING Becky over at Patchwork Posse!!!!  More on that later.  He's Sally's body guard.  Not that I am excited enough about Sally Cricut to have given her a body guard.  Don't be ridiculous.

So...yes....Pedro, Sally, the new shelf, AND....the recently organized and purged sticker basket!!!  (Thank you all for your encouragement to actually GET RID of some of that insanity!)  I may still move those to a rail system (maybe the next trip to IKEA), but for now, they are good in the basket.  You also see those fabulous bins, again, IKEA, that are containing things that tend to get unruly like my fabric stash - both purchased and to-be-upcycled fabrics, my Cricut carts/supplies (okay, so that one is a bit empty at the moment, but all in due time, my dear friends, all in due time!), and supplies for some of my random crafts like needle felting, knitting (which I don't know how to do yet), and embroidery.  All nicely contained in happy invisible-ness.  I don't normally like to hide thins, but some stuff...well....you just gotta hide!


So....that photo shows you progress!  And the following photo......


....not-so-gently reminds you that progress does not always equal success!  Yikes!  I have two days before my in-laws show up and this room has to be in order by then!  Oh...and I'm working, as usual, this week!  Dear ME!!!  But, it will happen.  The Hubbums told me I could do it and he is always right!  Right?  Please tell me he is right!!!!!!

If I'm being honest, it's not that much left to do.  Although, if you can see that small Lack table on the left toward the top in front of the new Expedit shelf, that is one of the larger tasks...not the table itself - obviously it is built and ready to go....but there are two nesting glass tables in the corner outside of the frame that need to GO and there is stuff under them.  I need to get that table in that corner....put my CIS XXL beside the table and reorganize the stuff beneath the glass tables to fit neatly beneath the Lack table where it will be out of the way.  Fun stuff.

BUT...I am doing it.  And that is the point here.  A re-org/re-decorating job.  I hope to get some stuff hung on the walls soon, too, but I'm not pushing for that this week.  We will see how it goes.

Anway.....you can see the progress, but I will post photos when I'm done.  Thanks for joining me in my ramblings today!!!!  Leave a comment.  They keep the tears from streaming down my "i hate stinking winter" dry face.

Have a Happy Tuesday!


  1. I consider IKEA the mecca of perfect shopping! If I had one closer than 5 hours from me, I think I would be there every week! I got that same Expedit shelf the when I was there in Nov. I did not see the brown baskets though. Love those! Your room is looking good! Can't wait to see it finished!

  2. It is looking good...you can do it!

  3. Ikea is the land of joy and don't let anybody tell you different!

    Good progress. Sally Cricut will encourage you!

  4. Wow I don't have an ikea here lol Or no where close to me even I have looked a little online but I thought they were really expensive but I did order a catalog to sit down and look at :) Im trying to get my craft room into order this week too... I'm terrible about doing before and after pictures :( so everyone will just get to see pictures of it all clean and organized! AND I also hit the red tag aisle at Joann's and they were 50% off last week so I got KILLER deals and a ton of new fabric! :) where do you store your fabric?

  5. What you have done looks great:-)

  6. Looks great - I LOVE organizing!

    *Sigh* If only Ikea wasn't a 7 hour drive from my home :(

    I love that lil bat guy - he is adorable

  7. Crafty girls don't cry. They glitter. So get glittering girl. You have an amazing space. You can do it. Love Pedro. He looks very effective.


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