This is not a Studio Tour Video

You see, my plan was to show you a video today.  A real live video with my own, personal, real live voice in it. 


Don't be silly.

I had no intention of showing my face.  That's scary. 

The act of showing my face on film.  Not my face.  My face is not scary.  I don't think.  Do you?  Oh, great.  Now I'm worried.

Just say'n.

BUT....my voice and my scrapbook room would have been the STARS of the show!

The thing of it is....I recorded it twice.  I am having the DARNDEST time keeping it under ten minutes.  Seriously.

Do you think that means I talk to much?

Don't answer that.  Just say'n.

Sooo....then I thought, well, Jingle - Here's the thing.  Even when you do get this thing paired down, it's going to be close to ten minutes because you obviously can't SHUT THE HECK UP! 

That being the case, I figured I should ask if you guys are cool with that.  You know...a ten minute tour of my scrapbook studio (which is actually becoming a misnomer, seeing as I do TONS of different crafts, not JUST scrapbooking and if I'm honest, I probably create fewer layouts than I do all that other stuff, so maybe it needs a new name...any suggestions?  Maybe just "THE Studio?"  Hmm....I'll have to think on that one...anyway...veering slowly AWAY from this tangent...) in which I show you my room, and some of my storage and fun stuff like that.

OR....are you totally not interested in that? 

OR...are you thinking MAN, there is NO WAY I want to hear your voice!  (I'm okay with that...really.  I am.)

OR..are you like, DUDE!  Toss that sucker up here!  I wanna see!!! 

...the thing of it is...I'm sorta scared that it will bore the crap out of you and everyone will run screaming from my blog never to return.  Please tell me that is an irrational fear.  Please.  Will you run?  I hope you won't run.  I like you.  I really really really do.

And...on that note....I also want to send a HUGE thank you to my newer followers!  I've noticed a few new faces jumping in lately and that makes me so TOTALLY Happy!!!!  If you haven't already commented, please feel free to do so!  I {heart} comments.  They make me feel special and stuff.  Just say'n.

Oh...and no word from the neighbors downstairs ALL weekend.  Not a single broom stick thump!  They must have gone on vacation!  HA!


  1. I would be cool with a 10 minute video, but I would probably watch it in parts...soooo, how about this idea? Split it into 2-3 parts and post them on different days?

  2. Yes, I agree on the parts. I sneak my Google Reader time in at work and it may be tough to watch 10 min. without people catching on. :)

  3. hahahaha I'm all for videos of your craft room! :) YAY for that! I love seeing craft rooms!

  4. OH!I saw wanna see the video, I'm waiting to see the new Ikea units! And as I read you blog, I hear your voice anyway...just sayin' ;)

  5. I would grab a cup of Vanilla Carmel tea and settle in and watch. I love studio/craft room videos. Never met you in person so to hear your voice would be cool - a real person and not an anonymous soul on some blog I found

  6. Just throw that sucker up there. I would love to see it.

    And show your face, your cute;)


  7. Ummmm... you must have missed the ordeal I went through with recording my first ever video (and there is NO freaking way that I am showing my face...) well not for now anyway. I just got over actually posting a pic of myself not even 2 months ago. My mouth talking and moving on video is not gonna happen for at least a year.

    So my first attempt was an hour long. We are talking about a silly craft tutorial. My second was 30 minutes long and then my 3rd was a mere 15 minutes. I was REALS prouds of that one. So I hear ya.

    ...and I want to see your craft studio (I call mine the craft shack and my hubs calls it the craft hut)... so BRING IT ON! I don't care if it's 1 hour long. I would watch it...

    oh and you think you talk a lot... har har har. I honestly think I have you beat!

    Longest comment.


  8. Do it! Either as one video or a few, but do it! I loooove peeking in to people's craft spaces!!! I always get lots of new ideas for my own space.

  9. I'll watch it if you don't have commercials. And as for the name, I call mine the "Studio". It makes me feel like a real artist.

  10. I am glad that you are having better luck with your crazy neighbors:-)

  11. I would watch a 10 minute video, only if you show your face in it. LOL

    Go ahead and post it!


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