A Hand in the....oh, wait a minute....

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Now...on to the fun!



Is that not the single coolest thing you have seen all day? I am totally and completely in love with it. Seriously, though, folks. I love it. Yes, I am entirely aware of the slightly 'creepy' factor, but I'm also TOTALLY okay with that because it is just awesome. It is supposed to hold rings, but I want to keep it in my scrapbook room because it is so stinking amazingly cool so I'm thinking about what I want to do with it. Maybe drape some select pretty ribbons over it? Maybe something else. Maybe just stare at it since it makes me so happy. Any suggestions? I'd love to here 'em!

Oh! And if you are drooling and feel that you need a hand of your own...(HA! 'FEEL' that you need a 'HAND'!!! That's good stuff! LMAO!!! Love it!)...okay...moving on....you can find this wonderful little beauty at Pineapple Hill! KelleyAnne is just about awesome and sent me this one! You should totally check it out!!!

I also wanted to share this quick cute little card with you today. It is actually one that I made a really long time ago, but I still love the concept, so I figured I'd share it with you. Plus, Sean put together that awesome light box so I can take good photos of stuff, so I was playing! LOL!


The design is fairly simple, but it has a neat trick!

Magnet Card

The Butterfly piece is actually a magnet! So it is a small gift and a card all in one! I just used one of those thin magnets that advertisers send out on phone books and in junk mail. They work great for this sort of thing! It's fun!

I also wanted to show you this! I will post more on it later because I would love your help to spread the word so I plan on digging up some 'incentive,' (read: PRIZE) for blogging about it, but we just listed Sean's old iPhone on ebay. It is not working, but if you know someone who loves to use these things for parts or can fix them it would be perfect! It is in great shape because he loved that thing! LOL! You can see the listing here:

Awesome iPhone Goodness on Ebay

More to come on that later! And...I have a review on a great product that I was sent to try coming soon, too! Oh...and I am working on a giveaway for some great products from a fabulous 'green' store, too! Lots on the way!!!

Have a REALLY HAPPY FRIDAY!!!! I know I will. Afterall....I have a HAND!!! ...so stinking amazingly cool....seriously? Don't you agree? I mean REALLY! WHO ELSE has such a cool hand in their scrapbook studio? Nobody. Just me. Because I'm the coolest person out there. Jingle Out. (HA!!!! No, really, I just can't say that without cracking up!!!! ROTFLMAO!!!)

Bye now.


  1. I also love the hand Jingle!! Totally cool....... I love your cards too! A light box....do you know how long I have been asking my hubby to make me one??? Months and months now!!
    Chat soon sugar

  2. Jingle, use the hand to hold your cards when you photo them instead of the "frog".

    Maybe she could make another one with the palm bent more so that it could hold one of your famous cupcakes!

    Have a great weekend up there in the NE.

  3. I love the hand too...I would use it for all sorts of stuff on my craft show table! =)

  4. Cool hand! Thanks for your comment on the Global Food Crisis post - we made it to 127 comments!

  5. Yes, that definitely is one cool hand!


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