I'm HOME! YAY for me!!!

Yes, I am quite happy to be home again! I like home. It's a good place to be. Last week was a little crazy! Wow! I am getting back into the groove of things now, so hopefully I will be back on track fairly quickly. Memphis was pretty neat, but I was ready to be back with my wonderful husband!

The Scrap With Style Giveaway ends tomorrow at midnight my time, so check it out now! It is really an awesome prize!!!!

I am so seriously tired, I can't even tell you! LOL! If I don't make much sense I do apologize. It's because I'm a WEE TAD BIT out of it today! Some great things have happened, though, so that is very exciting! Praying for more to come!

I just wanted to share a card that I made for a friend's birthday. It is a spinner card that utilizes an eyelet, as I made it as my Design Team Submission for Use Your Stash , as well.


The cupcake is one of several 'treats' that peek through the window and the very last one has that infamous little gnome that I love so much! Hee-hee!!! It was a fun card to make! I am TOTALLY LOVING those My Little Shoebox letter stickers! So much fun to work with!

Keep your eyes open for a new giveaway tomorrow! I was so excited that I still had so many followers even after announcing the winners of some giveaways! It's nice to know you like me! LOL!

I love to have giveaways and I love to share awesome indapendant shops and stuff, so if you would like to participate by sponsoring a giveaway, PLEASE let me know! Email me at jinglesells at gmail dot com if you are interested!!!!

So, what have you guys been doing lately? I would really LOVE to hear about it! I'm feeling a little out of the loop! Link me up to your latest blog post or just leave a great comment letting me know what you've been up to!

Have a Happy Monday!


  1. You're card is adorable. Will you be my friend? =P

    Visiting from SiTS, have a great day.

  2. That card is super cute and I love the MLS letter stickers too!!

  3. That card is too stinkin' cute!!

  4. Hi!that card is so fab.I love the way you designed it!thanks for the greetings!hope to see a layout soon!

  5. I love that card, and it's interactive, how awesome is that!? The very best card I ever received was handmade, and had so much love poured into it, I wish more people did the same! Your friend must have absolutely loved it :)


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