Ultimate Blog Party!!!

I am jumping into this a little late, but MAN, if you haven't checked this out yet, you TOTALLY should! SO many awesome bloggers all coming together and meeting each other! Head on over to 5MinutesforMoms to check it out! In order to win prizes (and there are some GOOD prizes!) you need to comment on at least 20 of the blogs in the list, but you will SO want to do more than that because this is totally awesome and that's all there is to it! There are more prizes than I can even imagine! LOL!!! It's amazing! Go check it out!

A little bit about me for first time visitors. Well, I love to scrapbook and make stuff in general. Paint, canvas, paper, stickers, glue, you name it I love it! I post a lot of that stuff around here.

I work full time and so I don't have as much time to craft as I would like, but I do what I can. I have a fabulous husband, who truly is the greatest man EVER and incredibly amazingly hot, which is a nice plus. I also have two beautiful black labs. They are our only children and it's great because they are cool staying home by themselves when necessary. I heard a rumor that you can't do that with kids? What's up with that? So, alas, we have the dogs instead, as it seems those rules are easier for us to follow.

I love Etsy as handmade goodness makes me happy. I love supporting small businesses owned by people who just love what they do. I like to host giveaways and I like to enter them, too! If you have a shop or a product and you would like me to do a review let me know! I'd love to have you featured here on Just Jingle!

I also talk a lot about randomness. I have a passion for religion and politics, but I don't talk about that much around here. You can pretty much tell where I stand by who I am, as I don't really hide anything. I'm kinda real like that, kwim?

So, that's me, Jingle, in a nutshell. Hope you stick around! I get WAY more excited than anyone should about new followers, so if you just want to make me smile join in the fun! :-) Thanks for stopping by!

I am really hoping to win one of the following: (I'm posting numbers, but you can check them all out over at 5MinutesforMoms!) I'm going to have to do this in installments, but here is my first list! LOL!

#19, #21, #1, #89, #91, #99, #56, #103, #65, #58, #60, #71, #13, #12, #15, #86, #109, #113, #118, #123, #20, #121

And, of COURSE, don't forget to check out my Green Giveaway!!!


  1. Hello Jingle :) Glad to see you've joined the party :) I hope you win something really awesome!

    Hop over to Wishing Penny, I have a party post too :) I'd love it if you'd say hi. I have a cute door prize too!

  2. Fun post! I prefer dogs over kids, too. Maybe I should've married a man with a dog instead of a man with a kid? Lol. Your blog makes me want to go make something.

  3. Hi Jingle, it's so very nice to meet you! I am having so much fun learning about all the wonderful women at the party!

  4. Hi, your site looks like a lot of fun.

    Happy Blog party week!

  5. Good luck in the contest. I love Etsy too! I used to buy a lot of the 'manufactured art'- prints of prints of original printed prints, and then decided the one-of-a-kind stuff is much more exciting.

  6. Hi, it's nice to meet you. I see you like shoes. :-) The cupcake sneakers are cute. I was noticing several cupcake blogs on your follow list. If you are interested in the Sprinkles of Beverly Hills Strawberry Cupcake recipe, I blogged about it (it's in the archives, do a search). I have lots of other sweat treats too.


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