Be. Butterfly. Backside. Boring.

That pretty much sums up this post. A wealth of randomness that I somehow managed to find words for that begin with B! Hee-hee.

So, thus we begin....


These are some coasters I made last year. I just wanted to share them again since I made them pre-blog (can you believe that time existed????). Anyway, I made them an incorporated my word of the year for last year, which was 'enjoy,' and it just so happens that I also used my word that I chose for THIS year, 'be.' So, they are still out and in use and I love them. They make me happy.

And THIS is an ATC I made for a swap over at AMR using my word for this year!


This morning my car read a whopping 5 degrees when I got in. The only problem is...it was being optimistic. It dropped to 3 within 5 minutes of starting up. That makes me sad. I want spring. Actually, I really want summer, but I'll be happy with something that doesn't require a FREAKING PARKA!!!! We got dumped on with snow again. Yuck. I like snow sometimes, but not in March and NOT by the FOOT In MARCH!!! I mean, really, folks. Why do I live in New England? So, I am sharing some butterflies with you in hopes of spreading some Spring thoughts and perhaps encouraging it's arrival!!!

This is a mobile in my scrapbook room. They fly around making me happy. I love that.

This is an ATC I made a long time ago, but I still love it.

Now on to the Backside issue. Yes, backside, as in butt, as in rear, as in DOING MUCH BETTER!!! That makes me happy, too! I have to give credit to this:


Having a gym on site really is a good thing. It makes it easy! This, my iPod, and a magazine means I get a good thirty minutes or so of real-live exercise a few days a week! This, my dear friends, is a good thing. It makes me feel less "draaaaaab wintery yuck" and more "SPRING IS COMING SPRING IS COMING SPRING IS COMING!"

And finally, the boring. You see, the adorable Nikki over at Whimsy Love posted a fun little Cushion Cutie Contest! You are supposed to dig under your couch cushions and find the treasures that lie within. Well, it seems that there are no treasures in my couch. Sad. I think...wait...maybe that is a good thing...I'm just not sure on this one! LOL! I mean, she came out with all kinds of fun brightly colored tiny trinkets, but alas...this is what I found:

Under the Couch Cushioins

Yes, folks. That is pretty boring! LOL! Just some random popcorn and a bunch of wires from our surround sound system. Oh, well. I tried! LOL! I'm glad I looked, though! Gotta get those popcorn kernels out of there! LOL!

I hope you have a very happy Wednesday!
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  1. With our 2 little ones and Manga Dork's sleepovers there is NO WAY I would post a pic of under our couch cushions!

  2. Hi Jingle...Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving your comment about my '70's Quilt Panel Giveaway. You were born just two years before my oldest on, so perhaps you were wrapped up in a blanket that looked similar to this print!

    I love all of your crafts. You do beautiful work! Sorry about all the snow...but just think how happy you will be when the daffoldils pop up! I look forward to coming and visiting again soon. And I am going to join in on your giveaway too!

    P.S. Couldn't find anything under my couch cushions either, well there was one candy wrapper!

    Stay Cozy,

  3. I wish I had one of those to get rid of my backside...oh, who am I trying to kid...I want it to disappear while I sleep!

    B warm! ;)

    M ^..^

  4. I need a treadmill. Your post cemented that for me. :) I'm tired of feeling all winter blah-ey.

    Love your coasters and ATCs - very crafty. :)

  5. I went and looked. Dog hair and weird teeny tiny scraps of paper? huh?

  6. Hi Jingle! You won the Cupcake Bandages. Please privately email your mailing address. Zenncupcake at gmail dot com.


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