Lot of stuff to WIN out there!!!

I don't usually do this, but I figured it would be fun to do every now and then! Here are a bunch of great giveaways that I found! Check them out! And let me know if you win!!!

Barefoot Mommy is giving away an Excalibur Food Dehydrator! (I REALLY want one of these!!!)

Nicole's Nickels is giving away a GORGEOUS Burberry Watch!!!

Amanda is giving away TEN sets of Ribbed Tee's!

Rockin Mama is giving away Cupcakes from Bangarang Bake Shop!

Everything Up Close is giving away a $25 Gift Certificate for Layers Clothing (LOVE THEM!).

Glimpse is giving away Yellow Cardboard handbound books! Very cool!

Ladybug Soup is giving away any item from Ellembee's Etsy shop!

Shana's Music, Writing, Etc. Etc. Etc. is giving away a set of knit face scrubbers and a bar of handmade soap!

Designs by Vanessa is giving away an adorable pair of earrings!

So, there you have some fun contests to enter! Don't forget about my giveaway, too!

And....I really really really really really really really want these:

But it would seem nobody is giving those away! LOL! They are HERE.


  1. Thanks for listing all those fun giveaways! Who doesn't love free stuff?! I'm off to go enter...gotta be in it to win it :)

  2. Fun list! I won a giveaway once... back in October, I think. I never did receive whatever it was they were giving away! lol!

  3. Those tennies are so You!! Someone should just get you a pair. Hint Hint DH. Thanks for all the good giveaways to go check out.

  4. That's great! I was thinking of doing the same thing sometime. It's helpful to have it all in one place!

  5. Thanks for the links! Those sneakers are adorable!!

  6. Oh, I love those tennis shoes! So adorable. :)

  7. Those sneakers are too cute. Nice to meet you. Happy blog party week.

  8. Okay those shoes are to stinkin cute...They scream Jingle!

  9. Now THOSE are some fantastic shoes! I suppose we'll have to "settle" for a real cupcake giveaway, huh? :)

  10. Those shoes are so cute! Converse also these lace up boots out now - have you seen them? I love the patchwork ones - so adorable! I'm noticing a trend as I browse your posts. You have a thing for shoes. Me too. Awesome!

  11. I bought those cupcake shoes :) THEY ROCK!!!

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