Eyelets! No...don't run yet.......!!!!!

I know! So, they aren't the most popular embellishment out there, but let's face it... if you've been paper crafting for awhile now you've got some in that stash of yours! And what time is it, folks? Time to
Use Your Stash!!!

Yup! The new challenge is up over at Use Your Stash and it is a doosey! Take out some of those good 'ole eyelets along with your favorite setter and make it happen, folks! You have GOT to check out the awesome layouts that the DT did! This was a hard one for me, and I know it was tough on the other girls, too. Actually, I think Kim and Corey had their lives threatened at one point....lol! No...in reality, they really can still do great things on a layout, so check out the new layouts on the blog and get started on yours!!!

Here is the layout I created.
I used the eyelets in the twill tape to create a 'snap tape' look. I love that look!

Also...don't forget to enter my giveaway! Here is another sneak to let you know what is in the box!


  1. I love your layout :D If I ever decide to scrap again, I've got plenty of eyelets to work with :D

  2. More hints to what is in the super secret giveaway box. I love the little snippets you keep giving your readers. Such fun!


  3. I so have my fingers crossed for your giveaway! Too fun!!

    I love your layout! Seriously!
    Eyelets...oh I have a few of those.


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