iNeed your help with this iPone on eBay ***GIVEAWAY!***

Hee-hee! That was a fun title to write! So, here is the deal, Single had this awesome iPhone and it died. Sad. Story.

So....we had to get a new phone for Single.

Single likes his new phone. Happy. Story.

Jingle got a new phone, too. Happy. Story.

Single and Jingle gazed at the broken iPhone sadly.

Jingle mentioned that lots of people can fix iPhones or the parts could be use.

Single liked the idea of his former friend getting another chance at life.

Single listed the iPhone on eBay.

So....here is where you come into this fine tale of mixed emotion.

I need help spreading the word about THIS awesome phone that happens to be broken on eBay.


It is in very good shape! All the stats can be found on the eBay listing.



Now for the contest:

Would you LOVE to win an awesome PERSONALIZED Skinit for your phone?! Yeah, coolness, I know. You can thank me later....


So, here's the deal: Single and Jingle need to spread the word about the eBay listing for this great phone that is waiting for a new life! To enter to win this awesome Skinit totally and completely free skin that you can customize (think how cute your kids would look on your phone!) or choose from one of their TONS of cool designs all you have to do is spread the word!

To Enter
1. Post a post on your blog including the photo of the iPhone kit being sold (you have permission to take that photo from my blog - please use the first one posted) along with a link to the eBay listing along with a link to this blog.
2. Be sure to include a brief description using information from the listing just to let people know what they are looking at. The idea is to tell as many people as we can!!!
3. Post here with a link to your post. This will give you 5 entries to win!

Don't have a blog or want to earn extra entries?
Do you Twitter?
1. Follow me on Twitter and Tweet about this eBay listing. Just copy the RT below!

RT: Check out this GREAT Listing for an 8GB-2G iPhone! Ready for you to fix or use for parts! http://tinyurl.com/dy8k6q #JustJingle

2. Post a LINK TO YOUR TWEET in the comments section here for one entry.
3. You can do this once a day until the end of the listing. Post here each time for another entry!

Don't Tweet? Don't Blog? Still want a chance to win?
1. Post about this listing along with links to both the listing itself and my blog on your favorite message board (where allowed).
2. Come back here and post a link to your post so I can put you in for one entry!

Thank you all SO much for your help! It is greatly appreciated!
Even if I do have to bribe you! LOL!


  1. I'll let people know about the broken phone


  2. I don't know how to tweet... maybe I should start tweeting... maybe someday when I get a fancy phone... I still have one that doesn't even take pictures! {gasp} I know right!


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