You Are Fired.

Yes. You. No, seriously...I ask you to do ONE simple thing! Like remind me to post a winner, but NOOOOoooo....not a single one of you remembers to remind me! It's like you think this blog is mine and I am responsible for its content or something! I mean, like seriously, here folks! How can I be trusted to remember these things? Hee-hee....okay...so MAYBE it is actually my job to remember these things. Well, the good news is....I am posting a winner RIGHT NOW! AS WE SPEAK! It's exciting. I promise.

The Winner of the Scrap With Style Album Kit Giveaway is....

....drumroll please....



Just an FYI - She was actually the THIRD number drawn for this giveaway because the first two did not follow the rules! I can't really stress the importance of that enough! These giveaways are to promote the wonderful people who sponsor them, which is why I ask you to visit their shops! Thanks to all of you who so wonderfully take the time to check them out!

Don't forget to take a look at my current giveaway for emagineGreen Elemental Bags! So nice!

I am working on this weeks giveaway! It's going to be a great one!


  1. Coming over from SITS. Love your blog. Very fun! Im married with 3 year old. I will follow you if you follow me! Clare

  2. Thanks for all the posts & to all that participated!-- can't wait to send the story chipboard album out, I love this kit! (:

    Thanks for including me on your blog! (:

    Janelle, Scrap with Style Scrapbooking


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