Big Ass Beer To Go


Seriously. Now THAT is a sign I have NEVER seen in Boston! Nope! I'm TOTALLY not kidding! We are talking walk-up windows with giant cups of beer being handed out for a nominal fee. Okay, I'm guessing it's probably a little more than 'nominal' being that this is a Great BIG GIANT tourist trap with 'Big Ass Beer to Go' under that metal bar just waiting for someone to bite so that the spring will launch and

SNAP! They've gotcha!

But...it's still wicked crazy cool! Beale Street is a totally unique place. I've never been anywhere quite like this. It's pretty darn cool, actually. Old, a bit dirty, but so chock full of charm it just grabs you and pulls you in. The music envelops you and you are standing there just 'feeling' the whole experience. You can smell the amazing ribs drenched in barbecue sauce, the catfish po-boys, the fried chicken and shrimp, and, yes, the beer. Photos cannot capture this experience. It is so incredibly sensory! Seriously...you have to feel it! You have to HEAR it! You have to experience it! But, since you are all not here with me, I will share a few photos throughout the week. But seriously...if you ever get the chance, come experience this. It's really very cool.






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