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Aren't they just the CUTEST little brooches you ever did see? I think so, even if I do say so myself! These will be heading off to my prize winner this week, but I am SO going to make more!!! (I hope you like them, Angie! LOL!)

Here is each one on it's own:
Flower Power
Cupcake Cuteness
Madame Heartsalot

Seriously, these are a blast to make and I am totally addicted now! SO stinking much fun!

Now, I have a genuine question for you guys and I REALLY want to know what you think, so please....all of you who lurk, follow, stalk, read, etc. please consider taking a moment to leave a comment on this post in response to the following question.

I am seriously considering beginning to do reviews on my blog. I would like to do several different types. I would like to know if a.) this is something you would be interested in reading and b.) if so, what kinds of products would you like reviewed?

I will continue, of course, to post my crafty stuff and my occasional personal posts, but I would like to add reviews to the mix. What do you think? What should I know? What do you have to say about the matter? If you don't want reviews what WOULD you like to see more of around here? I would really like to make you all happy. You know I like smiles!....and cupcakes. But since I can't send you all a cupcake, I'd like to work on the smiles.

SPILL! Thanks! I really do appreciate it!

Have a great day!!!


  1. I love the brooches! Especially the cupcake: super cute!

    I love reading reviews on blogs/sites. I think having a fellow crafter comment on what's hot, not, easy, useless is something I consider when looking at items and tools.

    not sure if this helps...but there ya go!

  2. Jingle, I'd LOVE if you did a review on your blog. I love your writing style. I know you like Etsy and I've found many wonderful things on there through you, so perhaps a review of crafty things like that? or products, or blogs, etc. I don't know...anything you choose would be fun to read about. I have no doubt about that!

    BTW, CUTE brooches!
    ~Cemetery Artist~

  3. I say do it, this is your space. There are lots of blogs out there who do. I think some of them have a separate page for them. Best wishes

  4. You KNOW I love those!! Especially the cupcake :) I think it would be cool if you did reviews. I'd read them :D

  5. Love these!! they are addicting aren't they?

  6. they are adorable!!!...love the cupcake!!!....

  7. I love the brooches. I think it would be great if you started doin reviews. I know that I would read them.

  8. Ohhhhh! I LOVE cupcakes! Did you even know that? I don't think I told you...I can't wait to pin one on my bag...woohoo!

  9. Those brooches are just too cute! I would love to see reviews. So nice to see what other people are saying about products before actually buying them!

  10. What a lovely site you have here, Jingle. So much fun and oh-so-crafty. The brooches you made, ESPECIALLY the cupcakes, are fan-tabulous. I love them.

    I read through all of your questions and have to say that it would be interesting if you were to consider doing reviews of all things handmade. You could start off with items on the Etsy site, but there are a ton of other artists in the world that would be interesting to learn about and understand how to buy their products.

    Look at me, rambling on and on. Did you know that you won the Baby Einstein DVD give-away on our site? Hooray for you! When you have a chance, e-mail us with your home address. We will get your prizes in the mail.



  11. Super cute- you have a fun blog! OH...and the 30's are great :) I am well into mine- now ;)


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