Good Morning, Good Week, and Good Day!

Well, it is Monday. And it feels a bit like Monday, but that's okay. I'm sure I will wake up eventually! LOL!

So, anyway. One thing has already begun to brighten up my morning. As a member VocalPoint I am occasionally given the opportunity to try products out for free. Awhile ago they sent me this fun little Splenda Spray bottle to try out.

Let me begin by telling you that I am a HUGE fan of artificial sweeteners. Yes, I am aware of the many arguments against them, however, when you have a sweet tooth like mine and the ability to gain weight without ANY trouble at all, they come in amazingly handy! LOL! One of my favorite treats is a Weight Watchers version of Monkey bread that uses Splenda Brown Sugar blend! Oh, my GOODNESS it is SO sticky, yummy and perfectly wonderfully good!!! I actually like it better than regular monkey bread! LOL! It's THAT good! So, this being the case, I was already a Splenda fan upon receiving this handy little product. However...a spray bottle? Why the HECK would I need sweetener in a spray bottle?

Well, I mean, other than for the occasional direct shot. LOL! NO...I have not actually done that...


SO....it sort of sat in the cabinet looking cute and being the neat little product that it is, but it didn't get used much. UNTIL NOW!

The other day we were forced to purchase an Air Popper popcorn popper since our old popper was no long able to be used. The one really nice thing about air poppers is that they make REALLY healthy popcorn! Right up to the point where my dear (and couldn't gain a pound if he tried) and wonderful husband drops a cube of butter into a pan on the stove and then proceeds to pour said butter evenly and beautifully over the fluffy white puffs of goodness. Hmmmmm....tastes good? Yes. HOWEVER...not exactly super high on the healthy list at that point, know what I mean? So, he kindly takes some out before doing this so that I can eat my yummy healthy version of this favorite snack. Now, don't get me wrong...I love plain popcorn. I actually think it tastes good that way, but, every now and then you want something a little more flavorful...that's when I remembered that little diamond in the rough sitting in my cabinet!!! Spray sweetener!!! Yup! It's fantastic! A couple quick spritzes over a couple of cups of popcorn and you have a tasty slightly sweet low-calorie treat! I love it!

I also used it in my tea this morning and I like it even more! My office keeps the good 'ole fashioned pink packets around, but I just don't like those as much as the yellow and the blue, so I figured I'd forgo the free pink and spritz on some yellow. Two spritzes and my tea was perfect! Simply magnificent!

So, overall, I have to tell you that this is a great little product! I know...sweetener in a spray bottle? TOTALLY weird, but obviously somebody on a marketing team somewhere was thinking because it is innovative, new, different AND useful! Go figure! PLUS - it is so small you can keep it in your purse and whip that sucker out whenever you may need it! Gotta love convenience!

I hope you find some and use it! I love it!!!

That is what I'm excited about this morning, so that is what I posted about! LOL! I am in no way being compensated for the information I have given you today.
I hope you have a happy Monday!

Oh...and thanks to all of you bloggers out there who do weekly menus and stuff...Sean and I started doing this and have now done it for one month and I can't believe how much money it is saving us! Thanks!


  1. I'm glad dinner planning is working out for you all. It's probably something I should do. :)

  2. Splenda brown sugar? Mmmmmm.

    Great review. Makes me want to check it out!

    (Thanks for your kind comment today!)

  3. I do menu planning for a week but a month would even better:)!
    -sandy toe

  4. Splenda, is always at the top of my list... I have the packet for travel the bag for the sugar jar. No spray yet...

  5. Spray sweetener is an odd concept but I am digging your popcorn usage. I wish Vocalpoint had sent me that instead of the constant deluge of Kashi products... I think they are trying to tell me something!

  6. Hey Jen can you send me the recipe for the WW monkey bread, I just started the program, and would love to make something sinfully approved! I think you know my email???

  7. I'd never even seen this item! Now I've got to go out and look for one! (I like the idea of it being a quick jazzer upper for popcorn (I have gotten used to using the butter flavored spray for the same purpose...zero calories and at least a HINT of butter popcorn!) lol

    Thanks for the tip! (and I hope you had a grand birthday!--you wise woman you!)


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