These are a Few of My Favorite Blogs...

Okay, so maybe Julie Andrews won't burst into song about my absolute favorite blogs, but alas, I, indeed will! HA! And you are stuck listening!!!!

...(Just in case you were wondering this is the point where you should be extremely grateful that I don't yet own one of those beautiful little Flip cameras because, if, I indeed, DID own one of those beautiful little flip cameras...in red...I would, indeed, have been tempted to actually present these blogs in song. Those who may have had the 'privilege of ever hearing me sing, are likely even MORE grateful from those of you nice enough to be thinking..."Oh, that would be cute! LOL!" No, indeed, my friends, it would not be cute. It would be tragic. Pure, unadulterated tragedy. But enough on that.)....

So, I guess I won't sing them, but I do want to share them. Partially because I'm just nice like that and partly because Audrey over at Barking Mad is offering a $250 gift card as a prize! Now that somehow makes it worth sharing my secrets! LOL!

So, for the contest I have to share five, but out of over 400 in my reader...that's not going to happen, so I'm going to share more than that! LOL!

Scrapbooks in White Dresses (Umm...or just blogs about scrapbooking and the like....)

* Bo Bunny - They post SO many layouts on their blog and they have great designers who come up with great ways to use their products! I really enjoy it!

* Much Ado About Nothing - Pinky is just plain fun! She posts cute layouts and does giveaways just because she's sweet like that!

* My Organized Chaos - LaVerne can just make you smile, and...as it turns out...she's an amazingly talented scrapbooker, too! Talk about well-rounded! ;-)

* Scrapbook Update - Want all the news in a clear, thought-out manner that often discusses ONLY the facts, rather than the random speculation that runs around the boards....this is the place to go.

* Works For Scraps - Chris is another very talented scrapbooker and I think she gets overlooked too much! Her work is amazing! And....I LOVE her blog banner and I'm hoping some day to bribe her to do a makeover for my blog! LOL! (Just kidding, Chris.....sort of.)

Cupcake in brown paper packages tied up with string! (....or jut great blogs about cupcakes!)

* Bakerella - Okay, so she's not strictly cupcakes, but she is pretty much the SuperHero of baking bloggers!

* Cake Spy - With regular visits from Cuppie and just plain yumminess, this is a go to for cupcake lovers!

* Cupcake Artists - Yup! It's just that, too! Pure cupcake artistry!

* Cupcakes Take the Cake - With a constant feed of cuppycake related posts, this one will keep you happy!

* Zen Cupcake - We go way beyond the food here, folks! Even her header rocks with cupcake goodness!

Raindrops on Savings (....or just great blogs for great deals and such....)

* My Good Sense - lots of great articles and tips!

* Mimi's Jewel Box of Tips and Treasures - Mimi keeps you on your toes with several posts a day with the latest deals!

* Be CentsAble - Want to know what is on sale and where as far as groceries go? How about where to use your coupons for the best value? This is where to find out!

* Thrifty Chic Mom - Lots of Great deals PLUS tons of giveaways!

Eco Blogs (....okay...I'm done with the whole Sound of Music thing...it's harder than it looks! LOL!)

* EcoEtsy - Yup! Crafters who are creating beautiful things while maintaining our beautiful home! LOVE THAT!

* Clean Technica - Lots of really cool stuff.

* Crafting a Green World - This one gives you great ideas, links to tutorials, and just fun eco friendly crafts!

* EcoScraps - Current Eco news - but REALLY fun and interesting kind of stuff - not the boring kind.

* Green Your Decor - Love this one! Gorgeous home dec ideas with a green focus!

Brilliant Blogs of Inspiration

* Blah, Blah, Blahg - She's amazing. Really. Read it. You will be inspired.

* Kris' Color Stripes - Beautiful color combinations found in every day life.

* Karla's Cottage - Victorian Beauty coated with glitter! Really, does it get any better?

* Lolly Chops - She is walking and talking inspiration! It's all good - everything she puts out there...it's worth the time!

* Koala Fuzz - Another one just chock filled with talent! In all kinds of arenas! Love it!

And finally...just a few random ones that I really enjoy reading....

* The Look for Less - Fun fashion stuff.

* IKEA Hacker - Take way fun, way cool IKEA stuff and make even funner and cooler stuff with it. Yeah, I said funner - gonna make som'th'n of it?

* Expensive Mistakes - She is an excellent writer and has stories to tell, but I should note that this blog is not for everyone as it is not censored. She is very real. That's part of what makes it good. She doesn't hold back.

* A Novel Mnagerie - Great book reviews!

* Gina's Weight Watcher Recipes - Love this one! I have a bunch of cooking blogs in my reader, but Gina makes it easy by doint the POINTS calculations for me! She makes good stuff, too!

So, alas, there you have it! Just a Few of My Favorite Blogs! I chose to give you 5 categories with 5 blogs in each so you would have lots to explore so go forth and BLURF! Have fun!


  1. Great list! I'm a huge bakerella fan!!!

  2. What a great list. I am coming back and looking deeper into your cupcake list:-)

    Thank you for stopping by my blog today and leaving such sweet comments. I hope to see you back there soon:-)

  3. Thanks Jingle. Now I have some great sites to surf! Your the best.

  4. Thanks for the link love :)


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