Gotta Light?

Do you ever stop to look around you? I do it a lot. I love it. I really enjoy capturing little pieces of beauty in things I see regularly. It makes me happy.

On Friday night we had the privilege of going to see my sister preform in Waiting for Lefty at Providence College. Being that she is a theater major and that this is the second semester of her senior year, this is hardly the first show that we have attended in the beautiful building where the play was presented. However, I never bring my camera! You can't take photos of the show, so I generally avoid having the extra "stuff" to carry and to hid under my seat and such. Well, this time I grabbed it! Not only did I get lucky and sneak a couple of shots of the performers prior to the start of the play, but I also was able to capture some of the beautiful lighting fixtures in the lobby outside of the theater. I have always admired them, but this time, I captured them!




Aren't they just glorious?

I challenge you to capture something today. Commit to it by telling me what you want to capture in the comments! Look around and enjoy the beauty that surrounds us!


  1. Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog! So happy to have found yours this way too!! Totally adooooore your ribbon Cupcake.. such a great idea!!!

  2. Cool shots! Those lights are beautiful. I'm doing project 365, so I'll check back in and let you know what I captured today. ;)

  3. Those are great light shots. I don't know what I'm going to take pictures of yet. :)

  4. Great photos...today I plan to capture a photo of the kit kat my 3year old stole from Rite Aid! I had to take it back and pay for it because she had bit the package...argh!

  5. captured the first real ride without training wheels my 4 year old took... the look on his face is priceless... I posted it on my blog and am so glad I was sick and stayed home from work...who says that, I'm glad I was sick??? but I was and captured "the moment" today! Beautiful lighting!

  6. So sweet of you to stop by my blog! As you can see, we are both fans of Lighting! ;-)



  7. I absolutely with out a doubt Love those light fixtures. Your pictures captured them as I would see them artsy pretty.


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