I'd Like to Thank the Academy....

Okay...so actually the academy had nothing to do with it...it was all YOU! And you deserve a HUGE thanks! I truly appreciate all the birthday wishes that were sent my way yesterday! Between Facebook, Twitter, All Moments Remembered, and my blog readers, I got more wishes than I ever have on my birthday before. I LOVED it!!! Thank you all SO SO SO much!

I also received some absolutely wonderful gifts! I really wasn't expecting all of this, so I was pretty much floored! LOL!

My dear parents got me a really cute cami and long cardigan that I love with a matching scarf, which is just totally fun! I don't have a pic yet because I haven't had a chance to try it all on, but trust me when I tell you it is cute stuff! LOL!

My Mom was AWESOME! We went to their house for dinner and Mom made me meatloaf and mashed potatoes (per my request...I love it and I can't get it at home...Sean HATES meatloaf! LOL!). She even sacrificed and broke out of her 'tradition' of always making oven baked potatoes with her meatloaf (also very good, mind you) to make the mashed potatoes for me because I LOVE her mashed potatoes. They are right up there with ice cream and cupcakes as far as my favorite foods go. SPEAKING of CUPCAKES!!!! She also made me Red Velvet cupcakes from scratch!!! Complete with REALLY CRAZY YUMMY cream cheese frosting!!! MMMMMMM GOOOOOD!!!! They were great! I have some next to me for later today. I'm supposed to share. We'll see how that goes! HA! (TOTALLY kidding...I'm not going to eat a dozen cupcakes all by myself...I don't think....)

AND...to top it all off...she gave me a pretty little jar with tulips in it all tied up with a bow! They are such a pretty color! I have pics of the cupcakes and the tulips, but they haven't been uploaded yet. SO....you will get those later. I promise.

My wonderful husband...being his usual thoughtful and fabulous self, gave me SUCH a wonderful gift! First of all....it looked like this:


He used my favorite wrapping paper (project RED) and yes...you are seeing the top correctly:


Isn't that the CUTEST????!!!! I love it when he uses my scrap stuff to make me wonderful things!!! He is just amazing! And that was all before I even opened it! LOL!

This was what was inside:


Yup! CUPCAKES from the Cake Doctor!!! I am SO STINKING excited! Do you think he knows me much? LOL! And...the other is a wonderful Newbury award winner. If you haven't read it you totally should...I don't care if you aren't a kid anymore, it is still worth reading! I have a goal to collect every Caldecott and every Newbury book out there, so this was a great choice!

My parents also gave me this book. A favorite of mine that I thought I had, I didn't, and Mom remembered that and bought me a copy for my birthday! Isn't she grande?


Finally, a HUGE thank you to my dear friend Harley over at Koala Fuzz! I told you all about her awesome shop before! She is super talented and she is super sweet and super nice! She sent me these for my birthday and they got here ON my birthday making it even cooler!!!

That is a super cute t-shirt that I am wearting right now! She MADE it for me! How adorable is this??? I love it!!! Thanks, Harley!!!!
She also stuck in one of her FABULOUS stick pins and, of course, it is a CUPCAKE!!! I really love it!!!


So, overall, I had an awesome day and I am so glad that you are all awesome enough to stand me talking about it so much! LOL!
Have a happy Friday and a wonderful weekend!!!


  1. Oh I am glad you had such a fabulous bday!
    Sounds awesome!
    PS: My birthday meal every year is meat loaf and mashed potatoes made by my mother!!!!
    LOVE IT!

  2. Awesome b-day goodies! Glad you had a great day. BTW, love your spikey hair and pointy shoes in the pic below! Very cool.

  3. Looks like you had an awesome b'day!! I have to get me one of those Harley pins!

  4. Happy belated bday, Jennifer! Sounds like your day was super fun! And yummy! :)

  5. Ok, so I pretty much just decided that your Mom can adopt me...so where did you say those red velvet cupcakes were....

  6. I am glad you had a good birthday! Tulips are MY FAVORITE! And I love the original cake dr book. You will have to review the cupcake dr book for us!

  7. The cupcake cake mix doctor book is GREATNESS! My mom gave it to me for Christmas last year! I just wandered over to your blog from your comment on someone else's. I can't even remember who. Have a good day. Nice to "meet" you. Kelly

  8. hi dear!glad you had a very sweet and happy birthday.after all its not everyday that a girl like you turns 16,right?Lol! Thanks for inspiring us always.

    P.S. I might check on those books.


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