I thought I would share a few fun stamping techniques with you over the next few days. These were a part of a class that I did over at AMR.

The first one is called Joseph's Coat and is a great way to play with color!


Glossy Cardstock (I used a piece about 3 3/4 x 3 1/2)
2 or 3 coordinating ink pad colors (bright or dark work well) OR a rainbow ink pad (best option)
Black ink pad
A stamp or a couple of stamps with solid area on them
VersaMark pad
clear embossing powder
heat gun
Rubber brayer
Make up or wipe and swipe wedges


The idea behind this technique is to create a layer of multiple colors that will pop through your stamped images beneath a blanket of black! Some of my photos were taken in the evening with a flash, so let me tell you that the black covers better than it appears in these photos. If you use a strong black like StazOn you will get excellent coverage, but you will stain your brayer! LOL! Mine is purple from all the use it has had!

Here is the finished project using this technique:


Step 1:

Use either a rubber brayer on a rainbow ink pad or make up wedges to apply multiple colors of ink to your glossy cardstock. Allow to dry.



Step 2:

Stamp your image with VersaMark over the colored surface.


Step 3:

Cover the VersaMarked images with clear embossing powder and heat until embossed.



Step 4:

Using your rubber brayer, cover the entire panel with black ink. Allow to sit for a couple of minutes to dry.


Step 5:

Use a tissue to remove ink from the embossed areas. (If using a solvent ink do this quickly, as it will stick to any surface.)

(You can see through the black ink in this photo due to the lighting when I took the picture. In real life the black looks much stronger.)

Step 6:

Add your panel to your card or layout and embellish as desired!


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  1. Cool technique!! But more importantly... where'd you get that frog? I want a frog!!


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