Wonderful Things Are Afoot in Scrapbooking Land!

Yes, oh, yes they are! CHA is in full swing and boy are these guys coming out with some great stuff! Maybe not as much as in previous years, but I think we are seeing a HUGE improvement in quality across the board from the manufacturers that we know and love!

Check this out from Queen & Company!

Queen & Co New Bucket Kits
Included in this release are new Queen & Co Bucket kits. Fabulous themed embellishments poured into adorable, reuseable buckets! Grab yourself a Bucket of Baby, Boy, Girl, Summer, Magic, Queen or Love. Buckets are overflowing with fabulous embellishments including, big brads, glitter brads, flocked brads, printed brads, sequin flowers, felt flowers and ribbon buckles! Everything you could ever need to embellish your hand crafted creations! (That paragraph was taken straight from their blog).

Are you SEEING that???? BUCKETS!!!! Little ADORABLE PINK BUCKETS!!!! Seriously, if you ever had a desire to make me happy - stick little wonderful felt flowers, gleefully colored brads, and various shimmery gem stones into little pink buckets and hand it to me!!!!! I promise! It WILL work!!!! Thanks Queen and Company for once again, proving, that packaging makes a HUGE difference! LOL!

AND....just to make things better...they are coming out with a line of bulk embellishments that allow you to buy ONLY what you want and not have wasteful packaging involved! I LOVE that!!!!

Also, the lovely Veronica was kind enough to point out THIS fabulous line to me yesterday!

Ummmm...yes. That is the new Bella Blvd. Sweet Celebration line. And...ummm....yes....it is filled with CUPCAKES!!!!! Wasn't it nice of them to design a line around my personal obsession? I certainly think so! We simply aren't going to mention the fact that the cupcake thing is sort of a world-wide craze and lots of people love them because that would make me sad to think they didn't design these wonderful papers just for me. So shhhh! don't tell me and everything will be fine. Just fine. Really. It will be fine. Okay, no seriously, though folks...isn't it great when a company reads your blog and that very day announces that they created a line JUST for you?! I think so! I really do!

And, ummm....guys....it get's even better!

Sassafrass Lass has come out with THREE beautiful, stunning, amazing, utterly fantabulous new paper lines!!! Seriously, though folks...this is good stuff!

Check out these awesome Owl Felties!!! Actually, I'm in love with all of the felties, in general! They make me smile big and stuff!

AND....the papers, oh.....dear......me......the papers! I am in serious paper lust here, folks....it's not even good. LOL! These things are so vibrant, so full of color, and SOOOOO calling my name!!!! I chose to post this one because it is called "Lost for Words" and that is pretty much what I am when I see these papers! LOL!

I am not even going to try to post my favorites from Cosmo Cricket. You don't have that kind of time! LOL! But you SO need to check them out! They always make me a happy girl!

Okay, so that's probably enough lustful paper and embelly gushing for today!
Have a wonderful day!


  1. Yup, I'm pretty sure I love ALL of those things. CHA is one of the most inspiring times of the season. :) Someday, I'll get in, even if I have to sneak in! Haha. Thanks for sharing the cute finds.

  2. LOve it all, especially the Sass Lass stuff! Too cute! Have you seen collage press? Wow!

  3. Oh, wow! Why, oh why, did I visit your blog today? Um, yeah, I pretty much want it all...so not good for my wallet! ;)

  4. Drrroool! Cupcakes, and scrap, and glue, and buttons, and bit n pieces coming together... this blog is right up my street! I used to love doing this. I am now inspired again. Gonna follow your site :)

  5. Thank you for visiting my blog #371 on the "gypsy caravan" on One World-One Heart. I entered your name in my giveaway for those beautiful "Bella's Mittens!" Good Luck! Cute blog!


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