A Bowl of LUUUUV!

Due to the fun topic at hand today, I thought I would use a lovely font.

Then I thought better of that idea and decided it is best if you can actually READ my post! HA!

So, today is Friday. Friday is a good thing. Friday means that tomorrow is Saturday and I don't have to go to work. That makes me happy. It really and truly does.

Today is also the LAST day that you can enter my giveaway! So, I HIGHLY recommend that you go check THAT out because it pretty much ROCKS! It will close at midnight tonight and I will choose a winner no later than Monday, but possibly earlier, so keep your eyes PEELED like a banana!

I have to tell you, Valentine's Day is not a big one in our house. It never has been, really. Let's face it. Hallmark got us on this one. The decided to toss out a lot of bright and shiny red and pink and fluffy stuff and tell everyone that we should have a day of LUUUUV! (I'm not quite sure how to do the proper pronunciation key for that word, but I'm hoping you are getting the idea...) So, seriously, folks....is this REALLY a necessary holiday? I would put for that it is, indeed, not. Now, that being said....I do love me some cherry gummy hearts and WalMart only has them for Valentine's Day, so I'm not going to start a boycott campaign or anything! My point is more that we don't do silly cards and I CERTAINLY don't expect (or even want) over-priced roses that magically get more "valuable" simply because of the date. I do, however, LOVE the color RED! And, I must admit, I'm a pretty big fan of Pink, too! So, that means that I have a certain color-based appreciation for this time of year. The colors make me happy!!! AND...who doesn't love a good heart now and then?

So, I do create Valentine's cards...which I haven't done quite yet this year, but I will get there! I promise! And I also create some other fun valentinesey type projects, as well. (OMG! "Valentinesey" is actually NOT throwing the spell checker! Sometimes it simply amazes me what passes for a word in the English language! At least the American version! Yikes!....but I digress...)

I made this fun little "LOVE" banner, since it seems that banners and such are all the rage and I didn't feel like being left off that little train.....

Love Banner

Umm...I kinda love it.
I used Chatterbox ArtsyLicious papers to cover the heavy chipboard letters and then I set eyelets (remember those things!) in each letter. The ribbon was the fun part! I didn't want it to look "strung" but I did want the ribbon to be the connecting factor, so I folded the ribbon and pushed a loop through from the back to the front of each eyelet. Then I cut the loop and tied a cute little knot on the front to fasten it. I love the way it looks and I love that I didn't have to have that "over/under" kind of thing going on!

Love Banner Close Up


Okay....so that's my fun little banner! You should totally make one! It didn't take very long and I LOVE it!!! (Hee-hee....love....yeah, anyway....moving on....)

ALSO, I just knew that I was supposed to go ahead and embrace the creative force of the season when I scooped out a small bowl of ice cream the other night. I used one of my favorite Crate and Barrell bowls that my wonderful little sister gave to us. It's red. I sprinkled it with wonderful Rainbow sprinkles and drizzled a bit of caramel on top and sat down to enjoy my evening snack. Well, after a couple of bites I looked down and I saw it!!! My ice cream had scooped out in a perfect little heart shape!!! How cute is THAT? It made me happy. Really, sometimes it doesn't take much! Anyway, I was really glad that I hadn't taken any bites from that scoop because I grabbed my camera just show I could show you!

Hearfelt dessert

I LOVE THAT!!! It still makes me happy. Heart shaped ice cream. By accident. It wouldn't have been as great if it was on purpose. Just say'n.

So, alas we come to the end of my happy little LLUUUUUV post.

My Little Gnome Pooh would like to say goodbye.

A Little Gnome Pooh


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your link!

    I just LOVE your Love banner!!

    I'm going to have to come back and stick around a while when I can so that I can check out your stuff!

    So question-you said, "remember those?"--talking about the eyelets. I stopped scrapbooking/making cards a while back because I no longer have a place to spread it out. Are eyelets SO 5 years ago now? Just curious!!!

  2. Lucky you to have a friend so generous! I wish I had a machine like that!!
    Thanks for entering my Pay it forward giveaway! I hope you'll come back and visit soon! I'll be posting a winner Tuesday night or Wednesday morning!!

  3. Great banner. You have some really good ideas. Glad I dropped in today :-)

    Given you interest in contests, I have some great ones running weekly on my blog at Not Entirely British. This week's is especially valuable. Wish I could enter!

  4. Bummer that I missed the giveaway, but so glad I found your blog! Your skills with paper are fabulous...I have never scrapbooked, it scares me, but your blog is inspiring! Thanks for stopping by!


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