Etsy Love! HDartistics - AWESOMENESS in the form of an Etsy shop.

Yup. I said "awesomeness" what of it? HA! Actually, it appears that according to spell check "awesomeness" is, indeed, a word! How fantabulous is THAT?

(ummm...no....fantabulous is, indeed, NOT a word)

Anyway, you must be wondering by now what could be so cool as to require the use of the word "awesomeness," right? Right. Well, let me TELL you!!!!

HDartistics is pure Etsy AWESOMENESS!

Oh, my goodness! First of all, this shop is run by the fabulous, absolutely ADORABLE Harley! Did you SEE the name of her blog? Seriously, though folks...how could you not fall in love with someone who calls their blog KOALA FUZZ? Just face it. You can't. And that is why I am so excited to introduce you to Harley and her amazingly cute Etsy shop!

Harley is a woman of many talents. She works with paper, clay, fabric, yarn, and probably more stuff that I don't even know about because she's just THAT good!

Take this absolutely delicious Ice Cream Stick Pin, for example! I LOVE these things! First of all, it's a stick pin...who doesn't need those around the house? So...it is useful! Second of all, it is ice cream...who doesn't need THAT around the house? Nobody...we all MUST have ice cream because it is cute. Third of all...It makes your pin cushion look even CUTER than it already is...and Fourth of all (can you even have a fourth of all? Is there some "regulation" on "of alls?"...I digress...once again...) FOURTH of all...would that not look SO adorable stuck on a scrapbook page, a card, or even through the lapel of your favorite spring coat (yes...I'm moving on to spring because I am sick and stinking tired of winter!)!!!! I'm thinking YES! It would look adorable on all of the above!

Okay...now that I am done gushing about THAT...I can move onto THIS!

Seriously...I have a thing for pin cushions. No, really. It's a recent development, but I have just fallen head over heels in love with super cute pin cushions. Wanna know the funny part....I don't sew! HA! (But I am hoping to learn...eventually....as soon as my husband teaches me...yes, I realize that it is pathetic that he can sew and I can't, but I'm okay with that).
Harley makes the most adorable little pin cushions and I just love them! Check out this one that she sold awhile back:


Okay, so now that you have seen all the wonders that she has made, you should totally go check out her shop! I know she is planning an update soon, too, so keep your eyes open for that! Lots of fun new goodies!

Sooooo....did you go? What did you love?

Reminder: If you own a small shop (Etsy, ArFire, etc.) and would like to be featured on my blog please let me know! I'm always looking for great new shops to review!


  1. Thank you so much dear!! I gave you a shout out on my blog today too :)

  2. I LOVE Harley's pin cushions and have been craving one for quite a while now! And the stick pins? Don't get me started ... I want a red bird. No make that a bluebird (remember Kelly's song about me smelling like birds & crackers?HA!) ... no, I want a WHOLE COLLECTION of bird stick pins!!

  3. I received a beautiful cockatoo pin as a gift. It is simply adorable.

    My dear scrap pal and friend, Rachel, sent it to me as a gift - it was made by Harley! Oh, this is so very awesome.

    Now I can wear my dear Snoopy (cockatoo that passed recently) close to my heart forever.

    This means so much to me.


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