What are YOU doing this weekend? Wanna Play?

Yup! You saw that right! It's a HUGE anniversary crop over at AMR!!!

And...just to make things better, it is being run by one of my dearest friends ... (I don't know if she knows that and quite frankly I don't use words like that lightly, so I hope she doesn't mind that I put that here, but really, she is, she is so wonderful and so supportive, and such a blessing in my life, but anyway...I digress....)....ANNE MARIE!!!!

Here are the general details! Be sure to head over to AMR to register before Friday, as it can take a little bit to get your acceptance email since Stacey is the only one running the joint! She works her little heart out and pours it into this awesome message board and store, so you totally need to join and you totally need to be a part of this! Seriously...you will make friends. No, not like those anonymous random online kind of friends, I mean, real, lasting relationship kind of friends! And the best part is .... if you come to the crop this weekend, you will get to meet tons of people, be totally inspired, join in on free classes, tutorials, and challenges, and have the chance to win all sorts of fun prizes! Seriously, though folks, what could be better than all of that? NOTHING!!!! So....come. You will make me happy. We are going to have an AWESOME time! I can't wait! I have pics on the way!!! (Of course, there is a good chance that they won't make it by then, but that's okay, I know what I ordered and I can add them on later! LOL!)

Here is a rundown of the festivities!

January 9-10, 2009

Hey gals, this is going to be a BIG, FUN-FILLED crop to celebrate the 1 year Anniversary of the AMR Message Board -- but it's also a trial run of a "big crop" idea that Stacey and Anne Marie want to do every 3 months or so, filling in with smaller more informal crops in the months in between. The schedule is designed to please our "late night girlz" as well as our "early bird girlz", the west coast, the east coast, and everyone in between!

Anne Marie will be the Crop Host during most of the event, with Stacey and others filling in to Host the hours I can't do it. We will have some activities & AMR challenges posted during the most "awake" times for everyone -- and those activities and challenges (once posted) will be available for the rest of the crop so you won't feel like you'll miss anything! Post away if you have any questions!

Schedule (Pacific Time):
Friday -- 6pm -12am
Saturday -- 9am-9pm

Schedule (Mountain Time):
Friday -- 7pm-1am
Saturday -- 10am-10pm

Schedule (Central Time):
Friday -- 8pm-2am
Saturday -- 11am-11pm

Schedule (Eastern Time):
Friday -- 9pm-3am
Saturday -- 12pm-12am

Classes, Challenges, Etc.
4 Fun Classes -- will be sprinkled thru the schedule, and each Class will have a Challenge. You'll have until Thursday, Jan. 15 to submit your entry to the challenge post to be in the RAK drawing for that Class.

Member Challenges -- everyone loves this, so let's keep going! If you want to submit a challenge, you're welcome to run it by me first or just hold it until the Crop and post it in the Crop Forum.

Crop Hours
-- I picked these hours to appeal to both West Coast and East Coast croppers, the early birds and the late nighters -- a little something that fits somewhere in almost everyone's schedule! Whoever wants to come into the Crop Forum earlier than the scheduled hours, you're welcome to do so! There just won't be any scheduled activities or AMR Hosts ... but YOU can just jump in and be your own host and even post your own challenges or giveaways if you want to get the ball rolling! I think everyone loves it when we can be flexible and just hang loose, so have at it! :D


Kelli's Class: "Inchie Card" -- this is so cute, you're going to love it!
    15/16" "inchie punch" (if you don't have one, a 1" punch will do!)
    cardstock in various colors
    your favorite Rubber Stamp Tapestry set, or set of small floral images
    stamp pads in colors of your choice
    embellishments if desired

Laura's Class: Mini Badge Album -- she has a lot of clever ideas on how to use this adorable mini! Seems like a lot of supplies, but it's just that she's thorough, so don't panic!
    8x8 piece (or larger) of Mat Board (Similar to Cosmo Cricket’s Black board, available at art framing stores).
    1-2 Binder Rings OR ¾ inch Bind-It-All wires
    1 pkg of badge holders (in the office supply section of Target, Wal-Mart, or office supply store)
    3-4 sheets of a coordinating line, preferably with a design element that can be cut out like flowers, animals, etc. (Class example will be based on Basic Grey’s Urban Prairie, available at AMR).
    12” of a matching ¾ wide ribbon.
    Diamond Glaze OR Glossy Accents
    Your favorite paper-to-chipboard adhesive
    craft knife
    sanding block, file, or sandpaper
    cropadile (or hole punch)

    Optional Supplies: ponytail holder or super-durable rubber band; Coin or small envelope to match the size of your badge holders, bind-it-all, cuttlebug/big kick, oval nestabilities

Anne Marie's Class: 2009 Goals/Dreams Layout -- I may not be the most creative person in the world, but I'm organized like no one's business, LOL! So I thought I'd guide you through capturing your goals & dreams for the new year in a layout!
    Any favorite papers & embellies.
    Optional: 2-3 sheets of vellum to create small envelopes
    Look for pre-class post 1st week of January to help you prepare the journaling for this layout!

Samantha's Class: Black Soot Stamping technique -- YES! Sam is coming back! Some of you may have seen an example of this technique on her blog. She's going to take us step-by-step. I can't wait!
    Glossy White cardstock
    Versamark ink & Basic Black ink
    a candle (you'll be using an open flame, so make sure you have a safe, stable area to do this!)
    a kleenex or paper towel

Important Crop Supply Note -- If you DON'T have the supplies and can't get them.... PLEASE DON'T SWEAT IT! Life is too short. Just jump right in and I'm sure between you, me, the class leader, and the other 500 women on this board we can think of all sorts of substitutions, LOL! :D

So, all in all, it's time for some SERIOUS fun, here folks! Grab your papper trimmer and let's PARTY!!!!


  1. You have a really neat blog and I enjoyed browsing all over. Love your creativity. Once upon a time, I was an avid papercrafter, but work got in the way!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

  2. Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for your support! Hope your holidays were wonderful!

  3. Aww Jennifer you brought a tear to my eye, THANK YOU! I know you're not a gushy person, so I truly value what you say -- and I value your friendship just as much! Hugs to you and your man,


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