20 January 2009, 12:00pm

YAY!!!! It is finally here! Happy Inauguration Day!!! I will have my headphones GLUED into my ears all day today! I'm pretty excited! Check out yesterdays post if you didn't see it already. LOL!

I have some more projects to share with you!

This is a little mini album that I made using ID badges from good 'ole Walmart! I plan to fill it with wonderful quotes that make me think, make me laugh, make me smile, make me consider, etc....

ID Badge Mini Album

This is a special layout to me. This is a photo of me and my dear friend, Anne Marie. We met through All Moments Remembered and live miles and miles from one another, but still, she has provided such amazing support and encouragement for me just when I needed it! AM is one of the many reasons why I love blogging and being involved in message boards - without all that - I don't know how I would have got through some of the stuff I've had to work through! She has been at my "fingertips" so to speak! LOL! So, I really love this layout because it is a REAL LIFE picture of the two of us together. I don't know if we will get that opportunity again, so I am so excited to have this token!

A Day to Remember

And finally, I want to share with you this fun layout! You know I love cupcakes...you know I adore them....you know that they make me happy...well....did you know that my obsession goes as far as actually scrapbooking this love? LOL! This was inspired by an ad I saw online. I really love this layout! I love this photo - and yes, I did take it and yes, I did make that cupcake!

I {heart} cupcakes

So, that's what I have for you today!!! Have a wonderful day! Enjoy the History! Embrace it!!!!


  1. Happy Inauguration Day! I will be watching the tv all day!

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog! Great scrap booking! I've done some digital book scrapping, but this looks so much nicer.

  3. oh girl, you are soo funny! "scrapbooking is my life"......hahahaa, that cracks me UP and sounds like me!! I loooove your "political page".....happy inag day to you!!!!


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