Busy as a Bee, Tired as a Turtle, and Crazy as a .....something that starts with a "c"

Okay, so I'm not as creative as perhaps I could be this morning! LOL! However, I did get a ton of stuff created over the weekend due to the amazingly AWESOME crop over at All Moments Remembered! Seriously, folks, this was one fantabulous online crop! The challenges were great, the games were a BLAST and the people made the weekend one to remember! I won't share all of my stuff at once because your little heads might pop due to my immense and incredible awesomeness, but I will show you a couple of things I made to start with! (or maybe I just want to be able to stretch out my projects since they are all such wonderful blog fodder....you know....you can pick my real reason! HA!)

So, I start you off with this little lovely! It's a cupcake card using the Faux Postage technique! Basically, you just make stuff look like stamps and it is really cute! These were virgin stamps, so the stamping isn't quite up to par, as far as I'm concerned, but I'm dealing with it. I'm going to pretend that I just used the "spritz" technique to create a "watercolor-like" effect....yeah....that's what I did.....(or I got lazy and just didn't properly season my acrylic...again...you pick!)

Hello! Cupcake card

This card, however, is of utmost awesomeness if I do say so myself! LOL! No, really, I love it so much I want to send it to me! LOL! Does that ever happen? You just fall in love with something that you make? That totally happened to me with this card! It just all came together even better than what I had in my vision and that is just the COOLEST! I think the green strip makes it? What do you think?

Thinking of You

And the last item on today's sharing agenda is this fun layout! It is a no-photo layout, which I am rarely able to do with success, but I am actually quite pleased with the outcome of this particular layout. The theme and the design really worked well together. This was Misty's quiz challenge. She posted 10 questions that we had to answer and then create a layout about it! This is a great way to do a "glimpse of me right now" style layout! I used Heidi Swapp ledger journaling spots and just a bit of patterned paper and a pen!

Me Today

And yes, I do apologize for not blogging yesterday. I just wasn't feel'n it, kwim? Some days are like that. But, I gave you some fun stuff to oggle at today, thus I fully expect your forgiveness. Yup! That's right. You have forgiven me. Thanks for that, btw! Have a Happy Tuesday!

Oh....and I just MUST share with you what Maxine (direct from my DTD calendar) has to say today:

"I keep a set of chains in my car in the winter because you never know when you'll need to make a citizen's arrest."

HA!!!! Seriously. That's hilarious. That's all I'm say'n.


  1. Hey chica. I'm loving those cards. It's nice when you create something that you really really like. And I like your layout too, the labels are awesome on that.

    Oh, and I happened to see your name out in blogland today :)

  2. Yes, I have a few cards that I have made that I just can't seem to part with! I pull them out every now and then and think about mailing them, but I just can do it! lol (So I say keep your awesome card!)

  3. love the artwork chickie -- great job!

    the maxine quote rocks! MAXINE RULES! woo hoo!

  4. Hey girlie! There is something on my blog you might likey...come see.
    Hugz ~ Erika/journeyfan

  5. Wow, very cute projects! You do good stuff. I have been slacking big time. (need to clean off my table) Thanks for your comments on my blog!


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